GTA Online Snowmen Collectibles Locations Guide

GTA Online The Snowman Outfit.

The holiday season is in full swing in GTA Online with snow on the ground and seasonal decorations and items around to enjoy. To celebrate the season Rockstar Games has added a fun little group of collectibles in the the form of Snowmen scattered around San Andreas. These Snowmen can be destroyed to earn a few rewards. To help you find them all here’s HTR’s GTA Online Snowmen collectibles locations guide.

What are the Snowmen Collectibles in GTA Online?

GTA Online Snowman Collectible.
A Snowman collectible.

Before I dive into the different locations of the Snowmen in GTA Online, I want to go over what exactly the collectibles are. As of December 22nd there are 25 Snowmen hidden throughout San Andreas for players to find and destroy. This means finding and either blowing up the Snowmen or running them over with a vehicle of sorts. The screenshot above shows one of the Snowmen collectibles.

All 25 Snowmen Locations in GTA Online Video Guide

There are a total of 25 Snowmen for players to find during the festive season in GTA Online. These Snowmen are scattered around the map in both iconic locations and also more secluded areas. The video above shows me collecting all 25 Snowmen collectibles. I start in Los Santos and work my way north until all are collect. The order of locations visited is as follows:

NOTE: To make collecting these items easy and quick you want to use some sort of flying type vehicle. I personally used the MKII since it is nimble to travel on. You may wish to use something like a helicopter or the jetpack instead. You will be traveling all around San Andreas to find them all.

  1. El Burro Heights.
  2. Chamberlain Hills.
  3. La Puerta/Aguja ST.
  4. Vespucci Canals/Vespucci BLVD.
  5. Legion Square.
  6. Mirror Park.
  7. East Vinewood.
  8. Hawick.
  9. Rockford Hills.
  10. Vinewood Hills #1.
  11. Vinewood Hills #2.
  12. Vinewood Hills #3.
  13. Banham Canyon #1.
  14. Banham Canyon #2.
  15. Tongva Valley.
  16. Grand Senora Desert #1.
  17. Grand Senora Desert #2.
  18. Ron Alternates Wind Farm.
  19. Grand Senora Desert #3.
  20. Sandy Shores.
  21. Grapeseed.
  22. Mount Gordo.
  23. Mount Chiliad/Great Ocean HWY.
  24. Paleto Bay.
  25. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

One thing to remember is to keep track of the Snowmen you’ve destroyed. A simple way to do this is to use the very helpful GTAWeb map. This map shows the map locations of the Snowmen collectibles and allows you to track which you’ve collected. Simply click and mark off the collectibles as you work through the video above. If you want more GTA Online content be sure to subscribe to the HTR channel.

Snowmen Collectibles Rewards

You may be wondering if collecting all 25 Snowmen is worth the effort. The answer to that it that it depends. Collecting a Snowman yields GTA$5,000 and RP. Collecting all 25 Snowmen yields an additional GTA$125,000 for your efforts, bringing the total cash from collecting to GTA$250,000. Additionally, and probably the more interesting reward, is The Snowman Festive Outfit. This outfit is unlocked once you’ve gathered all 25 Snowmen.

Like other special outfits in the game, The Snowman outfit is rare. It will only be available for a limited time to earn while the Snowmen collectibles are active. This rarity makes doing the collectibles worth it if you like the look of it and want to have some rarer outfits available to wear on your character.

This is not the only seasonal content available for the holiday season in GTA Online. There is a new Die Hard inspired random event to complete for a new weapon. Additionally there is another random event where a Grinch like character called The Gooch spawns in and attempts to rob you. Both of these events feature special rewards for players upon completion.

For more coverage of GTA Online be sure to check out our weekly updated pages. These pages detail the currently active Podium Car and Prize Ride vehicle. There is also a page that highlights the cars for sale at the Simeon Premium Deluxe Auto shop and the Luxury Auto Shop. You can also check you the weekly update page for details on what’s new in each weekly reset.

Thoughts on our GTA Online Snowmen collectibles locations guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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