GTA Online Ghosts Locations Guide

A ghost from the Ghosts Exposed collectibles in GTAO.

GTA Online is getting into the Halloween spirit with the release of a new collectible mission players can complete called Ghosts Exposed. This mission tasks you with encountering 10 ghosts throughout Blain County and taking pictures of them. Finding each of these ghosts is a bit of a pain, so we’ve put together the GTA Online Ghosts locations guide below. Use it to easily find the ghosts.

Ghosts Exposed Collectibles Mission Details & Rewards

The Ghosts Exposed livery for the Albany Brigham.
Take all 10 photos to unlock this livery.

Upon logging into GTAO following the October 12th update, you’ll find an email from Ghosts Exposed in your inbox. This email contains information about the event and provides instructions on how to successfully participate. The email message reads as follows:

Calling all GHOST HUNTERS, GHOSTS EXPOSED is coming to Blaine County! We’re documenting the most chilling, horrifying, blood-curdlingly viral paranormal content and WE NEED YOUR SUBMISSION. Thing you’ve seen a REAL GHOST? Send a pic to GHOSTS EXPOSED today for $$$. Stay living.


The email outlines a collectible task, which involves locating and photographing 10 ghosts scattered throughout Blaine County. Each ghost appears at a designated time and place. When you come across one, capture a photograph and submit it to Ghosts Exposed to earn rewards, which include GTA$, RP (Reputation Points), and, if you manage to locate them all, the Ghost Exposed Livery for the Albany Brigham vehicle.

Tips to Know Before Collecting the GTAO Ghosts Exposed Collectibles

  • Can be done in a solo lobby.
  • Use a flying vehicle such as the MK II to make the collecting process faster.
  • Can be done in a single night or across multiple.
  • The first ghost appears at 8 PM.
  • When you photograph a ghost it will disappear and you will see your progress.
  • Ghosts can appear in multiple two locations at each map location.
  • If you get too close to the ghost, they disappear.
  • The 10th ghosts, Johnny Klebitz, spawns in Sandy Shores after you’ve photographed the other 9 ghosts.

Ghost 1 Location: Farm Building in Grapeseed

Grapeseed Ghost standing in the old barn building.
This ghost is located inside the old barn on the top floor.
  • Spawn Time: 8 PM – 9 PM

The initial ghost you can come across is located at the Grapeseed Farm, within the old barn building. To spot this ghost, look at the top floor of the building, at either end. You’ll find it standing at the edge, looking outwards.

Ghost 2 Location: Old Trailer in Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores Ghost standing in the old trailer.
This ghost is located inside the old trailer.
  • Spawn Time: 9 PM – 10 PM.

The second ghost appears in the Sandy Shores area, within the confines of an old trailer. You’ll find this ghost inside the trailer, so you’ll need to peer through one of the windows to capture a photograph of it.

Ghost 3 Location: Old Bus in San Chianski Mountain Range

San Chianski Ghost standing in the old bus.
This ghost is located inside or outside of the old bus.
  • Spawn Time: 10 PM – 11 PM.

The third ghost is located in the San Chianski Mountain Range area, specifically within an old bus. This ghost can manifest either inside the bus or standing outside of it, so be prepared for either scenario when trying to photograph it.

Ghost 4 Location: El Gordo Lighthouse

El Gordo Ghost standing on top of the lighthouse.
This ghost is located on top of or at the base of the lighthouse.
  • Spawn Time: 11 PM – 12 AM.

The fourth ghost can is located at the El Gordo Lighthouse. This ghost has two potential spawning locations on the lighthouse: either at the base of the structure or on top near the light.

Ghost 5 Location: Old House in the Grand Senora Desert

Grand Senora Desert old house ghost standing on the roof.
This ghost is either on the roof or inside the house.
  • Spawn Time: 1 AM – 2 AM.

The fifth ghost appears at the old house in the Grand Senora Desert. Keep an eye out for the ghost, which can spawn in one of two spots at this location: either in the northeast corner of the house (inside) or in the southeast corner (on the roof).

Ghost 6 Location: Church in Great Chaparral

Great Chaparral ghost standing over a grave in the graveyard.
This ghost is either standing on the church’s roof or in the graveyard.
  • Spawn Time: 2 AM – 3 AM.

The sixth ghost materializes at the church in the Great Chaparral area. When searching for this ghost, watch for it to appear in one of two locations at the church: either in the graveyard on the northeast corner of the property or on the southwest roof.

Ghost 7 Location: Foreclosed House in Paleto Bay

Paleto Bay ghost standing in the back addition of the foreclosed house.
The ghost appears in the house’s attic or the back addition.
  • Spawn Time: 3 AM – 4 AM.

The seventh ghost is at the foreclosed house north of Beeker’s Garage in the Paleto Bay area. When searching for this ghost, check two possible locations at the house: the attic or the back addition (you may need to look through the window to spot it).

Ghost 8 Location: Riverbanks in Tongva Hills

Tongva Hills Ghost standing on the riverbank.
This ghost is located along the riverbank.
  • Spawn Time: 4 AM – 5 AM.

The eighth ghost materializes along the river banks in the Tongva Hills area. When searching for this ghost, simply keep an eye out along the river banks in the vicinity. It should appear in this general area for you to photograph.

Ghost 9 Location: Train Bridge in Baton Canyon

Ranton Canyon Ghost standing over the train tunnel.
This ghost is located either above the tunnel entrance or standing on the bridge.
  • Spawn Time: 5 AM – 6 AM.

The ninth ghost appears on the train bridge that crosses over Cassidy Creek in the Baton Canyon area. To find this ghost, search for it in one of two possible spots: either on top of the north tunnel entrance or standing on the south end of the bridge itself.

Ghost 10 Location: Sandy Shores Beach Front Sign in Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores Ghost standing by the Beach Front properties sign.
The ghost of Johnny Klebitz is located at the Sandy Shores Beach Front sign.
  • Spawn Time: 12 AM – 1 AM.

The final ghost to manifest is Johnny Klebitz, and he will only materialize after you’ve successfully photographed the nine ghosts mentioned earlier. Once you’ve collected images of all the preceding ghosts, Johnny Klebitz will appear at Sandy Shores, precisely by the Sandy Shores Beach Front sign.

Once you’ve successfully snapped and submitted the photo of Johnny Klebitz, you will have completed the GTA:O Ghosts Exposed side quest. In recognition of your efforts, you will be rewarded with an additional GTA$50,000 and the Ghost Exposed Livery for the Albany Brigham vehicle, giving it a distinctive appearance reminiscent of the Ghostbusters car.

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