All 50 Jammers Locations in GTA Online

In the new GTA Online update there is a new round of collectibles (sort of) for players to find around Los Santos. While I say they are collectibles you will actually be destroying 50 Jammers that are hidden in various places. These Jammers look like black boxes and are stock on typically hard to reach places high up. To help you find all of these Jammers to destroy, use our all 50 Jammers locations guide below.

All 50 Jammers Locations Map

There are a total of 50 Jammers spread out across the Los Santos for you to destroy. To destroy a Jammer you can use any type of weapon, but something like the MKII is ideal as it gives you mobility while you are flying around. On the map above you will see the general locations of all 50 Jammers. This map was created by The Game Files Gurus. All credit to him for the information.

All 50 Jammers Location Vides

While the above map gives you a general idea of where to find each Jammer, you may wish to see more narrowed down locations. This video by GTA Series Videos shows you the exact locations of each and everyone of the 50 Jammers in GTA Online.

What do You Get for Destroying all 50 Jammers in GTA Online?

I’ve been seeing this question floating around a lot on the web so I figured I will answer it. For destroying all 50 Jammers you earn a few things:

  • 50,000 RP.
  • $2,000 per Jammer + $50,000 bonus for all = $150,000.
  • Unlocks expert hacker Avi Schwartzman for heists.
    • Takes 10% cut.

Both the money and the RP are nice, but Avi Schwartzman is a bit of a letdown given the alternative expert hacker Paige takes a lower cut.

Using both the map and the video above you will easily find all 50 Jammers to destroy them. Hopefully these resources make the process of destroying all of these things faster.

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