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In the new Isle of Armor expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield there are a number of new NPCs for players to interact with. Some of these NPCs offer new services to players like Dig Ma. Dig Ma is an NPC that appears once per IRL day at certain locations. When you speak to Dig Ma she will offer to dig you up some Armorite Ore. To help you narrow down where to find this character daily use our Dig Ma spawn locations guide below.

Dig Ma Locations and Map

Image showing a map of the locations of the possible Fig Ma spawns in Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Dig Ma appears in a random spot each IRL day in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield‘s Isle of Armor expansion. When you speak to Dig Ma she will offer to dig you up some Armorite Ore. During this mini-game you can ask Dig Ma to dig in the hopes of getting more ore. If Ma’s shovel breaks while digging you get nothing, although there is a rare occurence where the broken shovel basically gives you a second chance.

To find the possible spawn locations of Dig Ma use the marked world map above and the text descriptions below. I tried to be as descriptive as possible while explaining the locations she may appear.

  1. Workout Sea: In Alcove on southeast side of main island shore.
  2. Workout Sea: Stand by south tree on Crown (Ditto) island.
  3. Loop Lagoon: Stands on North beach (the one with the two logs on it) near west edge.
  4. Challenge Beach: On the West shore of the river between a medium and large mountain. Directly east from the Tower of Waters.
  5. Forest of Focus: Standing next to the first bridge when you enter the forest from the Soothing Wetlands entrance.
  6. Brawler’s Cave: Found on the bottom level of the cave system where the river is. She sits behind the large pillar near the ramp heading to the upper level.
  7. Training Low Lands: Head down the crevice to the left of the stairs leading up to Challenge Road. She is sometimes standing near the nest there.
  8. Warm-Up Tunnel: Found at the end of the offshoot dead-end tunnel.
  9. Honeycalm Sea: Found next to a nest in an alcove along the main island shore directly east of Honeycalm island.

These nine spawns I found consistently over a 30 day testing period. With that said there may be more I missed so let me know of any spawns not shown on the map above and I will add them. Happy hunting.

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2 responses

  1. D says:

    She can appear more than once per day, I’ve spoken to her twice today already (within 10 mins of each other) in two separate locations 😉 One of them was in the Fields of Honor, at the top of the cliff east of the dojo

  2. Kee says:

    I found her at the back corner of Potbottom desert, diagonally across from the entrance of warm-up tunnel. 🙂

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