How to Get Porygon in Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor

There are a number of previous generation pokemon for players to unlock in the new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield expansions. One of these previous gen creatures is everyone’s favorite polygonal shaped creature Porygon. If you want to get this pokemon for yourself use our how to get Porygon guide below.

Complete the Isle of Armor Story to Get Porygon

Image showing how to get Porygon in Isle of Armor.

To get a Porygon for yourself you will need to complete the main story of the Isle of Armor. This means completing the three trials, completing a tower, and finding the Mega Honey. Once you’ve completed all of the above listed requirements you will face off against Mustard in a final battle at the Dojo. Complete this battle to trigger the end of the expansion’s story.

After the credits roll you will regain control of your trainer inside the main area of the Dojo. To get Porygon head to the right into the room with Hyde, Mustard, and the Cram-o-matic. Beside the Cram-o-matic you will see Porygon floating there. Walk over to the Porygon and interact with it to trigger a brief conversation with Hyde. Hyde will tell you about Porygon then give it to you to add to your party.

That’s all you need to know to get Porygon in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Porygon is just one of many previous gen pokemon that are being added through the game’s expansions.

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