Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Armorite Ore in Isle of Armor

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In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield there is a new currency players can collect called Armorite Ore. This currency is fairly rare and rather useful since it can purchase a number of important services on the island. Since it is a rare currency you may be wondering how to get Armorite Ore for yourself. Worry not as we’ve put together this Armorite Ore guide to help you find various sources.

Note: Complete the Expansion main story to get some guaranteed Armorite Ore.

Take a Gamble with Dig Ma

Image showing Dig Ma in Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Each IRL dayan NPC named Dig Ma will appear somewhere on the Isle of Armor. When found and spoken to this NPC will offer to dig you up some Armorite Ore. The catch here is that her shovel can break while she is digging which results in losing the Armorite Ore she will give you. So each time you make Dig Ma dig you are taking a gamble on getting Armorite Ore.

Pick Up Sparkly Loot

Image showing looting Armorite Ore from a sparkly loot spot in Isle of Armor for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

All over the Isle of Armor you will see sparkles on the ground. These sparkles are various types of items you can loot daily. In the loot pool of these sparkly items you may find a piece of Armorite Ore. Getting ore from these sparkly bits seems to be fairly rare but it is possible. I tend to have the best luck inside cave/sand areas on the island like Brawler’s Cave, Courageous Cavern, Warm-Up Tunnel, and Potbottom Desert.

Farm Max Raid Battles & Raid Events

Image showing Armorite Ore from Max Raid Battle.

The final way of getting Armorite Ore I will highlight is farming Max Raid Battles and completing Raid Events. Max Raid battles have the chance of paying out Armorite Ore for their completion. The ore isn’t rewarded every battle, but there is a chance you can earn 3-4 a fight. Additionally there is currently a Max Raid event running with Zeraora that will pay out with Armorite Ore if the community completes it.

These are the three major ways for players to earn Armorite Ore in the Isle of Armor expansion. Keep in mind this currency is fairly rare to begin with so you will need to grind multiple days to get any sort of useful amount. With that said if you’ve found a good way of getting this new currency let me hear about it in the comments down below. Happy farming.

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