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It’s Tuesday so that means it’s update day for Destiny 2. Like other update days in the Shadowkeep era we have a new memory quest line for players to complete. This quest line is called Memory of Omar Agah. To help you complete this memory, check out our Memory of Omar Agah guide below.

How to Complete the Memory of Omar Agah Memory

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To start the new Memory mission make your way to Eris Morn at the Sanctuary on the Moon. Speak to her and you will receive a new Memory called the Memory of Agah. Accept the Memory of Omar Agah mission to receive the first quest objective which is to defeat Hive Wizards using your Super ability.

Defeat a Powerful Hive Wizard Using Super Ability

Image showing the location of the K1 Revelation Lost Sector.

The Powerful Hive Wizard you are looking for is a Yellow Bar Wizard. This enemy type can be found in a few places (such as the Witches Ritual Public Event in Hellmouth), but I recommend going to the K1 Revelation Lost Sector in the Sorrow’s Harbor area. In the end area of this Lost Sector you will find four Powerful Hive Wizards. Take out one with your special to easily complete this objective. If you fail just reset the Lost Sector and run it again. Killing a Powerful Hive Wizard earns you Some of Omar Agah’s Knives, which is your next objective.

Throwing Knives Recovered (20)

The next objective tasks you with getting enemy Precision Hit kills (so head shot kills) using Sniper Rifles or Bows. Any enemy has the chance to drop a Throwing Knife, but killing Guardians in Gambit or Crucible Matches guarantees a drop. I highly recommend playing in either game mode since it will seriously speed up the process. Each Guardian killed in these modes nets you 2 Throwing Knives (so you need to kill 10 total).

Return to Eris Morn

Image showing giving memorabilia to Eris.

Once you’ve collect all 20x Knives make your way back to Eris Morn in the Sanctuary on the Moon. Head through the portal and into the Enduring Abyss. Approach Morn and give her the memorabilia. Interact with the chest nearby to receive your reward. This ends the Memory of Omar Agah quest.

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