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In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep there are a number of side missions for players to complete. One specific set of side missions come from Eris Morn who wants you to explore the memories of certain side characters. Today we will look at the Memory of Vell Tarlowe mission. Learn how to complete this mission with our Memory of Vell Tarlowe guide below.

Completing the Memory of Vell Tarlowe Mission

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To start the Memory of Vell Tarlowe side mission make your way to the Moon. On the Moon head to Sanctuary and speak to Eris Morn. Eris Morn will have the Memory of Vell Tarlowe Mission available for you to start. This mission features a number of objectives to complete.

Complete Replayable Moon Story Mission

The first objective you need to complete is a replayable Moon story mission. At the time of writing the current mission available for replay is the “In The Deep” mission which tasks you with reaching the depths of Hellmouth to collect the Hive Cryptoglyph. Once you’ve completed the story mission return to Eris Morn and speak to her to get the next objective.

Vell Tarlowe’s Torn Mark

The next objective is a bit more difficult since it involves defeating powerful enemies (yellow bar) with melee damage during Heroic Nightmare missions (Adept or higher). The main reason this mission is difficult is that everyone is currently trying to complete it so everyone is meleeing everything.

With that said a good approach is to run melee supers so you can pop them during the Nightmare boss fights then focus on killing the Nightmare add enemies. If you don’t want to do this you can also run a Shotgun/SMG approach and simply get in as close as possible to deal damage then finish with a melee on the yellow bar enemies. You need to collect a total of 25 Mark Fragments (ie 25 enemies melee’d to death) to complete this objective.

Upon completion of this objective return to Eris Morn and enter the portal. Meet Eris Morn and give her the mark. Interact with the chest to receive your reward which is a Powerful Gear (Tier 1) item.

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