Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Memory of Toland Guide – How to complete Toland’s Journal

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Ahhh, another week another new Memory for players to complete in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. This week sees us pursuing the Memory of Toland, The Shattered. To help you complete this memory hunt, check out our Memory of Toland guide below.

Completing the Memory of Toland Mission

To start make your way to Eris Morn in the Sanctuary on the Moon. Go up to Eris and receive the Memory of Toland, The Shattered missions from her. This will start the quest line. Note completing this quest rewards you with a piece of Powerful Gear (Tier 1). Not bad at all.

Trove Guardian Chest Looted

The first objective of this memory is to loot the chests in Trove Guardians in the areas of Hellmouth, Archer’s Line, and Anchor of Light. The above video by YouTuber Esoterickk shows you the location of the Archer’s Line Trove Guardian and how to complete the brief platforming sequence. At the end of the platforming you will reach a chest, open it to receive Toland, The Shattered’s notes objective.

35 Journal Pages Collected

Image showing my Guardian wielding the Hive Relic Sword.

Once you have Toland, The Shattered’s notes objective you will be tasked with collecting 35 Journal Pages by defeating enemies using a Hive Relic Sword. Hive Relic Swords are dropped off of Swordbearer Nightmare enemies. These enemy types spawn during Warsat Public Events on the Moon which can be found in Hellmouth and Archer’s Landing. Use the Hive Relic Swords they drop on enemies to gather Journal Pages. For gathering all 35 Journal Pages you will receive the Toland’s, The Shattered Journal objective.

Return to Eris Morn to Give Journal

Image showing giving the Journal to Eris Morn.

With the Toland’s, The Shattered Journal in hand return to Eris Morn in Sanctuary. Head through the portal into the Enduring Abyss and make your way to Eris. Give Eris the journal and open the chest to receive your Powerful Item. This concludes the Memory of Toland mission.

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