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It’s reset day in Destiny 2 and that’s means a new memory to complete for Eris Morn. The memory this week is for Eriana-3. To help you easily complete this memory use our Memory of Eriana-3 guide below.

How to Complete Memory of Eriana-3

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The Memory of Eriana-3 mission can be started by heading to Eris Morn at the Sanctuary on the Moon. When you approach Eris Morn the memory will be available to collect. Collect it to start the first objective which is to loot a Lunar Scavenger chest. Completing this memory nets you a piece of Powerful Gear (Level 1).

Lunar Scavenger Chest Looted

Image showing the Lunar Scavenger chest.

The objective description is as follows “search beneath the surface of the Moon to reclaim treasure from Hive Lunar Scavengers or Fallen Lunar Scavengers.”

This description gives us all the hints we need to complete this objective. Make your way beneath the Moon (by way of the many entrances found in areas like Hellmouth or Archer’s Landing) and look for enemies called Lunar Scavengers. I found mine in the Circle of Bones area. Kill these Lunar Scavenger named enemies to have more appear. Once you’ve killed enough of them a Yellow Bar Lunar Scavenger will appear. Take it out to have a chest drop. Open the chest to get Letter from Wei Ning.

Collect 10 Letters From Wei Ning

To complete this objective you need to equip a Solar Subclass. Once you do this defeat Champions in any Activity on Hero or higher difficulty. Each Champion defeated nets you 1x letter. I ran Nightmare hunts on Hero difficulty to bang this out in 20 minutes. Once you’ve collected all 10x letters you receive Eriana-3’s Letter.

Give Eriana-3’s Letter to Eris Morn

Image showing giving the Eriana-3's Letter item to Eris Morn.

Return to Sanctuary on the Moon and jump through the portal that appears there. Reach the Enduring Abyss and approach Eris Morn. She will speak for a little bit. Once she is done give here Eriana-3’s Letter. Finish speaking with Morn and collect your loot from the chest nearby. This concludes Memory of Eriana-3.

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