Destiny 2: A Matter of Time Guide – A Disturbance on Mercury

When you start Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, you will receive a new mission called A Matter of Time. This mission can be started by visiting Ikora at the Tower. Once you speak with Ikora you will begin the A Matter of Time mission. Learn how to complete this mission with our A Matter of Time guide below.

How to Start A Matter of Time?

Image showing the start of A Matter of Time in Destiny 2.

To start the new mission you need to visit with Ikora on the Tower. Ikora will congratulate you for your work on the Moon then will mention a disturbance on Mercury. This mission has the following text:

Ikora believes Osiris will be able to explain the Red Legion’s renewed interest in Mercury, but she can’t contact him. She’s sending you in her stead.


Accept the quest objective to find Osiris on Mercury. This starts the mission. Make your way to Mercury now to start this objective.

Where to Start Disturbance on Mercury?

Image showing where to start Disturbance on Mercury mission.

On Mercury you will see a new mission called A Disturbance on Mercury. This mission is a 1-3 Guardian mission that can be started by clicking the eye on the map (shown above). Launch the mission to start it.

Disturbance on Mercury Guide

Image showing Osiris standing in front of the Sundial in Destiny 2.

When you start the mission you will be in an area called the Sundial Slipway in the Mercury Present. Head towards the checkpoint that’s on your screen and take out the Cabal and Vex that are fighting along the way. Make your way into the Sundial Spire and approach Osiris as he exits the portal. Osiris will speak with you briefly then you will be presented some lore:

You find Osiris in the center of a grand structure. He explains that, after you defeated the Undying Mind, he experienced a dire vision of the future. In this new future, he saw an expanse of nothingness so vast that it terrified him.

When he emerged from the Forest, burdened with this new revelation, he found that the Red Legion had stolen one of his old experiments: the Sundial. Co-opting the Sundial for their own purposes, the Red Legion fractured time on Mercury in hopes of changing the past.

Osiris wants your help repairing Mercury’s timeline. He asks that you go to the Tangled Shore to find another of his inventions: an obelisk-one of many across the system-designed to stabilize time while the Sundial is active. Attuning the obelisk and linking it to the Sundial will help you contain the temporal disturbances on Mercury


If you didn’t read the text above, basically Osiris needs you to go to the Tangled Shore to an obelisk to get an invention there that is linked to the Sundial. This starts the Recovery Operation quest step. Go to the Tangled Shore now to continue the quest-line.

How to Complete Recovery Operation Quest Step?

Image showing the Recovery Operation quest step in Destiny 2.

The destination we need to head to is The Tangled Shore. In the Thieves Landing area you will see a quest marker for Obelisk: Tangled Shore. Note at this point in time you will be unable to do anything with the obelisk. To interact with the obelisk you need to complete a couple of quest steps including collecting 50 Sundial components to repair the obelisk. To get these 50 parts you need to kill Cabal on the Tangled Shore. The objective also stipulates that using Solar Weapons and Abilities may cause more materials to drop. Some locations to find Cabal enemies are:

  • The Cobble.
  • Sorik’s Cut.

Once you’ve killed enough Cabal and recovered the 50 Sundial Components you will unlock the Reinforcements quest step.

How to Complete Reinforcement Quest Step?

Image showing where to deposit the 50 Sundial Components in the Obelisk.

To complete this step head to the obelisk and bank the materials you’ve recovered. This will unlock the next step which is called Light Collection.

How to Complete Light Collection?

Image showing the Light Collection step in A Matter of Time in Destiny 2.

This step involves defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light. To do this use any activities you so desire. I recommend public events or missions, but it is up to you. Once you have the Light collected return to the obelisk and deposit it. This attunes the obelisk and triggers the next step in the mission called Timeline Stabilization.

How to Complete Timeline Stabilization?

Image showing how to complete the Timeline Stabilization in Destiny 2.

To complete this step simply interact with the obelisk to restore it. Once this obelisk is restored you will receive the Major Fractaline Harvest items which is used to empower the Resonance Rank of obelisks. Once you’ve collected this item you will receive the next objective which is A Missing Link. This quest step has you return to Osiris on Mercury. Do this now.

How to Complete The Sundial?

Image showing a portion of The Sundial event in Destiny 2.

When you return to Osiris at The Sundial he will mention you need to enter The Sundial and clear it of Cabal so he can calibrate it. Open your map and a new mission will be available to you called The Sundial. Start this Arena mission now.

To complete The Sundial you and a group of five other Guardians will make there way through three different arena waves. At end of these waves you will face off against the boss named Niruul, the Hollow Voice. After you’ve defeated Niruul you will be able to select a reward from the console. Once you’ve completed The Sundial head to Osiris.

How to Get The Lantern of Osiris?

Image showing how to get The Lantern of Osiris in Destiny 2.

For completing your first Sundial run Osiris will give you The Lantern of Osiris. This item is this seasons Artifact. Like the previous season leveling the Artifact up will reward you with mods.

That concludes our A Matter of Time guide. Once you’ve completed this quest you are able to play The Sundial whenever you wish. This new Arena mission features a number of new weapons to earn. You can change the weapons you unlock by leveling up and linking different obelisks across the galaxy.

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