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Borderlands 3 is all about one things, killing bosses and getting loot. These bosses you will see a lot of as you farm them for sweet gear. To help you keep track of all the bosses you will face in Borderlands 3, check out our Borderlands 3 boss list below.


Pandora Bosses

Pandora is the first planet you will start on in Borderlands 3. On this planet there are a few major bosses for you to fight. The Pandora bosses are as follows


Image showing the boss Shiv.

Location: Covenant Pass

Shiv is the first boss you will face off against in Borderlands 3. He can be found in the last building in Covenant Pass. He is a farmable boss.


Image showing the boss Mouthpiece.

Location: Ascension Bluff

Mouthpiece is the second boss you will fight on Pandora. He is located in the transmission center in Ascension Bluff. This boss drops a unique weapon called The Killing Word.

Pain and Terror and The Agonizer 9000

Image showing the boss Pain and Terror and The Agonizer 9000.

Location: Guts of Carnivora.

You will return to Pandora and will access a new area called Carnivora. In Carnivora you will fight Pain and Terror and The Agonizer 900 in an attempt to save Tannis.

Troy Calypso

Image showing Troy Calipso boss in Borderlands 3.

Location: The Great Vault.

Drop: Double-Penetrating Occultist (Pistol).

Inside The Great Vault you will face off against Trop Calypso who is leeching power off his twin. Upon defeat a cutscene will trigger then you will be able to enter The Great Vault.

Promethea Bosses

The second planet you will head to in Borderlands 3 is Promethea. On this planet there are a number of bosses for players to fight. Check them out below.


Image showing Gigamind boss.

Location: Meridian Metroplex.

You will face off against Megamind at the end of the Hostile Takeover mission on Promethea.


Image showing the boss Killavolt.

Location: Lectro City – The Plant

Killavolt is an optional boss you will fight during the Moxie’s quest Kill Killavolt. This boss can be found in Lectro City’s The Plant.

Katagawa Ball

Image showing the Katagawa Ball boss.

Location: Skywell-27

You will face off against the Katagawa Ball boos during the Space-Laser Tag main story mission.

Katagawa Jr.

Image showing Katagawa Jr.

Location: Atlas HQ.

You will face off against Katawaga Jr. during the Atlas, At Last story mission.

The Rampager (Vault Boss)

Image showing The Rampager boss.

Location: The Forgotten Basilica.

Drops: Stuffed Quadomizer.

You will face off against The Rampager during the Beneath Meridian story mission. It is the first Vault boss you will fight. The Vault it guards is named The Vault of The Rampager.

Athenas Bosses

After you finish Promethea, you will travel to Athenas. On this planet you will start a story mission called The Impending Storm.

Captain Traunt

Image showing the boss Captain Traunt.

Location: Academic District.

You will face off against Captain Traunt at the end of The Impending Storm story mission.


After you beat The Vault of the Rampager, you will head to the planet of Eden-6. This planet is home to Hammerlock and Jacob. So it should be familiar to many of you. On this planet there are a few bosses.


Image showing the Warden boss.

Location: The Anvil – Ultramax Spire.

You will fight the Warden at the end of the Hammerlocked story mission. This boss is a Goliath, so it can be levelled up to Godly before you kill it.

The Anointed

Image showing The Anointed boss.

Location: Jakobs Manor – Theater.

As you make your way through the Jakobs Manor during the Lair of the Harpy story mission you will come across Billy, The Anointed. Like the Warden Billy is also a Goliath enemy type. When killed The Anointed turns into Ethereum. Melee it to collect your loot.


Image showing GenIVIV boss.

Location: Wreck of the Family Jewel.

During the mission The Family Jewel, you will fight Gen IVIV, a giant robot that has The Vault Key Fragment you need to collect to advance the story.


Image showing the boss Aurelia.

Location: Blackbarrel Cellars.

In the story mission Cold as the Grave you get to take on the ice queen herself, Aurelia. Pack a winter coat.

The Graveward (Vault Boss)

Image showing The Graveward boss.

Location: The Floating Tomb.

Guarding the second vault you will plunder is The Graveward. The Graveward fight takes place on a raised platform and features the platform slanting intermittently during the fight. After you beat The Graveward you will receive the Eridian Synchronizer.


The final planet you will visit is called Nekrotafeyo. On this planet resides the first Vault. As you travel through the storyline on this planet you will fight some bosses.

General Traunt

Image showing General Traunt.

Location: Desolation’s Edge.

Before you reach the Vault you will face off against General Traunt. General Traunt is the brother of Captain Traunt who we killed on Athenas.

Tyreen The Destroyer

Image showing Treen The Destroyer.

Location: Destroyer’s Rift

Drops: Legendary Class Mods, King & Queen’s Call.

The final boss you will face off during the story is Tyreen Calipso. Tyreen will morph with The Destroyer for the final boss fight. Upon defeat of Tyreen you will gain access to The Destroyer’s Vault. Inside this Vault you will receive the Divine Retribution item which opens up tears to Mayhem.

Midnight’s Cairn

Midnight’s Cairn is a sort of trial endgame planet you can play through to complete the Maliwan Takedown mission. This mission and planet becomes accessible after you beat the game and reach level 50.

Valkyrie Squad

Image showing the Valkyrie Squad bosses in Midnight's Cairn.

Wotan The Invincible

Image showing Wotan The Invincible.

Trials Bosses

Trials are stand alone areas you will unlocks as you collect Eridian Writings. At these locations you will need to complete specific trials which end with you fighting a boss. These bosses are more beefed up version of normal enemies.

Tink of Cunning

Image showing the Tink of Cunning boss.

Location: Ghostlight Beacon

The Trial of Cunning is a standalone area you can reach to complete its trial. During the trial you will reach a boss fight at the end.

Arbalest of Discipline

Image showing the Arbalest of Discipline boss.

Location: Precipice Anchor

You will face off against the Arbalest of Discipline during The Trial of Discipline in the Precipice Anchor area.

Skag of Survival

Image showing the Skag of Survival boss.

Location: Gradient of Dawn.

You will face off against the Skag of Survival during The Trial of Survival in the Gradient of Dawn area.

Tyrant of Instinct

Image showing the Tyrant of Instinct.

Location: Wayward Tether.

You will face off against the Tyrant of Instinct during The Trial of Instinct in the Wayward Tether area.

Hag of Fervor

Image showing the Hag of Fervor.

Location: Skydrowned Pulpit.

You will face off against the Hag of Fervor during The Trial of Fervor in the Skydrowned Pulpit area.

Sera of Supremacy

Image showing boss  Sera of Supremacy.

Location: The Hall of Obsidian.

You will face off against the Sera of Supremacy during The Trial of Supremacy in the The Hall of Obsidian area.

Seasonal Bosses

There are a number of seasonal events planned for Borderlands 3. These events are triggered around major holidays and typically feature a boss to fight at the end. Check out the seasonal bosses below.

Captain Haunt

Image showing the Captain Haunt boss.

Location: The Heck Hole.

Captain Haunt is the boss you will fight in The Heck Hole as part of the Bloody Harvest seasonal event. This event runs around Halloween time.

Joey Ultraviolet

Location: Basement of The House That Joey Built.

The boss you face in the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event is Joey Ultraviolet. This event runs during the summer time. While fighting Joey Ultraviolet you will faceoff against multiple underbosses (named enemies).

Check back often as we will be updating our Borderlands 3 boss list over the coming days. Thanks for reading.

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