Borderlands 3: How to Unlock Artifacts

When you start Borderlands 3 you will notice a number of slots are locked on your inventory screen. As you progress you will unlock things like more gun slots and classes. The higher level you get the more you will begin to wonder where Eridian Artifacts are. Well I have good and slightly bad news for you. Check out our how to unlock Artifacts guide below.

Reach the Cold as the Grave Story Mission

Image showing the Cold as the Grave story mission.

So the bad news is that Artifacts take a while to unlock (seriously I’m Level 27). The good news is that it is relatively simple to unlock them. First you need to playthrough the story up to the Cold as the Grave mission. This mission takes place on Eden-6 and it has you making your way to the Vault on Eden-6.

Defeat The Gravewarden

Iamge showing Enricofarime having defeated The Gravewarden.

Once you reach the Vault you will need to defeat a boss called The Gravewarden. This boss fight takes place on a large floating platform and is a bit tricky. With that said the bosses attacks are telegraphed, so getting into the right place at the right time is fairly easy to do. Also focus the yellow spots on The Gravewarden to for easy crits.

Get Eridian Synchronizer from Vault

Image showing the Eridian Synchronizer.

After you beat The Gravewarden you will enter the Vault it was guarding. Inside this Vault is an item called the Eridian Synchronizer. The Eridian Synchronizer “Attunes your mind to the power of Eridian Artifacts. You know what that means? Stat boosts!” Basically once you pick up this item you will unlock the ability to equip Artifacts!

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