Borderlands 3: How to Access Maliwan Takedown

Featured image showing how to access Maliwan Takedown event

Borderlands 3 has been drip feeding players new content in the form of events these last few months. The first event we received was the Halloween themed Bloody Harvest. Now, there is another event to add to the rotation with the Maliwan Takedown event. If you are interested in playing through this new event check out our how to access Maliwan Takedown event.

Where to Start Maliwan Takedown?

Image showing where to start the Maliwan Takedown event.

The Maliwan Takedown event is a new 4-player focused endgame event for players to play in Borderlands 3. This event takes place on a Maliwan Blacksite. To access the event you need to have reached level 50. Once you are level 50 make your way to Sanctuary III. On Sanctuary III head down the stairs near the Bloody Harvest NPC. Here you will see a crate with a glowing symbol. Interact with the symbol to start the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite mission for Lorelei.

After you’ve started the mission Lorelei will speak to you. Make your way to the Bridge and navigate the ship to Midnight’s Cairn. Once you’ve arrived at Midnight’s Cairn head down to the planet using the Drop Pod. On the plant walk forward until you start the Maliwan Takedown mission. Good luck.

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