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In Borderlands 3 you will spend a ton of time farming bosses. While these bosses will take up a good chunk of your time, there are special named enemies you will find throughout the various locales which can also be farmed. To help you keep track of these named enemies, use our all named enemies locations guide below.


  • This list contains only farmable named enemies. Not one time ones from the various side quests (think Dump Truck).
  • Many of these are random spawns, meaning they will not appear 100% of the time.
  • I tried to be as thorough as possible. I may have missed some. Let me know any you’ve found and I will add them.

Pandora Named Enemies

Pandora is the first planet you will visit in Borderlands 3. On this planet you will find a number of zones and named enemies to fight. I’ve broken down the named enemies into each zone below.

The Droughts Named Enemies

Image showing the Named Enemies locations on The Droughts.
  1. Lavender Crowley.
  2. Demoskaggon.
  3. Skagzilla.

Ascension Bluff Named Enemies

Image showing the Ascension Bluff Named Enemies locations.
  1. Skrakk.

The Splinterlands Named Enemies

Image showing the The Splinterlands Named Enemies locations.
  1. Road Dog.
  2. Princess Tarantella.

Konrad’s Hold Named Enemies

Image showing the Konrad's Hold Named Enemies location.
  1. Captain Thunk and Sloth.
  2. Manvark.

Carnivora Named Enemies

  1. Rakkman.

Promethea Named Enemies

The second planet you will visit is Promethea. On this planet you find a few named enemies. Check out each zone’s named enemy locations below.

Meridian Outskirts Named Enemies

Image showing the Meridian Outskirts Named Enemies locations.
  1. Borman Nates.

Meridian Metroplex Named Enemies

Image showing the Meridian Metroplex Named Enemies locations.
  1. Baron Noggin.

Lectra City Named Enemies

Image showing the Lectra City Named Enemies locations.
  1. Wick and Worty.
  2. Lena of Eden-6.
  3. Urist McEnforcer.
  4. One Punch.
  5. Judge Hightower.

Skywell-27 Named Enemies

Image showing the Skywell-27 Named Enemies locations.
  1. Dinklebot.
  2. Handsome Jackie.

Atlas HQ Named Enemies

Image showing Atlas HQ Named Enemies locations.
  1. Power Troopers.

Athenas Named Enemies

Image showing th Athenas Named Enemies.

After Promethea you will make your way to Athenas. Athenas is one large zone. Here you will find a couple named enemies including the following:

  1. Chupacabratch.

Eden-6 Named Enemies

From Athenas you will head to Eden-6, a wildlife filled, foreseted planet. Across the various zones of this planet you will find a number of named enemies to fight. Check them out below.

Floodmoor Basin Named Enemies

Image showing the Floodmoor Basin Named Enemies locations.
  1. God-King’s Chosen.
  2. Indo Tyrant.
  3. Chonk Stomp.

The Anvil Named Enemies

Image showing the The Anvil Named Enemies locations.
  1. Grogans and Their Mother.
  2. Sky Bully.

Jakobs Estate Named Enemies

Image showing the Jacob's Mansion Named Enemies locations.
  1. El Dragon Jr.
  2. Heckle and Hyde.

Voracious Canopy Named Enemies

Image showing the Voracious Canopy Named Enemies locations.
  1. Jabbermogwai.
  2. Maxitrillion.

Ambermire Named Enemies

Image showing the Ambermire Named Enemies locations.
  1. Red Jabber.
  2. Psychobillies.
  3. The Unstoppable.

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