Borderlands 3: How to Get the Night Flyer

Borderlands games are typically brimming with references and easter eggs and Borderlands 3 is no exception. Like previous titles, Borderlands 3 is brimming with easter eggs for players to find. One easter egg you may want to find features Rakkman, an obvious nod to Batman. Read more below to learn how to get the Night Flyer weapon from this easter egg.

Carnivora Signal

To start make your way to Carnivora’s Playground the huge open area Carnivora drives around in. In this area make your way towards the northwest corner of the area. While you drive over to this location be on the lookout for a signal above the rocks (easiest to see at night). This signal tells us that the Rakkman is in his cave (if not quit and reload). This cave can be found at the spot marked on the map above.

I’m Rakkman

Image showing Rakkman.

Inside this cave you will come face to face with Rakkman. Rakkman is a special random named spawn you can find in this cave. Rakkman can drop the Night Flyer legendary pistol. So if you want this weapon you will need to farm the Rakkman for it to drop.

Night Flyer

Image showing the Night Flyer.

The Night Flyer is a Legendary Pistol that shoots burst fire. It features a nice mix of Critical Hit Damage, Reload Speed, and zoom.

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