Borderlands 3: How to Get the Phebert

There are a number of easter eggs hidden in Borderlands 3. These easter eggs reference various popular culture like One Punch Man, and more. One easter egg you will find in the Lectra City area references Rick and Morty. To do this easter egg, read on to learn how to get the Phebert.

Wick & Morty in Lectra City

Image showing the spawn of Wick & Morty.

From the entrance to Lectra City make your way along the path leading to the northwest so you are following along the west walls of the zone. Head along this path until you reach the spot marked on the map above. From here you can proceed to the next step.

Wick & Morty

At the location marked on the map above there is a possible spawn of two enemies aptly named Wick & Morty. As the name suggests these two characters are paying homage to the famous Rick & Morty show. These two enemies have the chance of dropping a Legendary Shotgun called the Phebert. To get this shotgun you will need to farm these enemies (via start/quit) until you get this drop.


Image showing the Phebert.

The Phebert is a solid Legendary Shotgun which features a shield. When this shield takes damage it will return bullets to the gun’s magazine.

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