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Destiny 2: Eververse Weekly Offerings – October 15

In Destiny 2 players can purchase a number of cosmetic items through the Eververse store at the Tower. These items provide no game impacting bonuses, but allow you to take your customization options to the next level. To help you...

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How to Fish in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now live and with the launch comes a slew of new gameplay features including fishing. As the trailer suggested players are now able to fish in the popular battle royale title. So how does one start...

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All Peyote Locations in GTA Online

In GTA Online there have been a number of collectibles released. These collectibles range from playing cards to action figures. One collectible which has yet to be released is Peyote plants. In total there are 76 of these plants hidden...