Youtubers Life 2 Change the Broken PC Part Guide

Buying a part to Change the Broken PC Part.

Youtubers Life 2 Change the broken PC part is a side quest that triggers when your PC first breaks. This side quest can be completed by swapping out the broken part for something working. To help you complete this task see our detailed guide for more information on the process.

How to Change Broken PC Part

As you upload videos during Youtubers Live 2 your computer will eventually break down. Once you reach this point your droid will tell you that the pc will need a replacement part. This triggers the side quest. Before doing anything approach the PC and click upgrade. The broken pieces will flash red. Make a note of what they are so you can get a replacement.

To procure the elusive PC replacement parts, your journey takes you to the bustling streets of the Downtown neighborhood. Here, the shop known as “Leet Point” beckons you with its promising array of technological solutions. Alternatively, you can harness the convenience of the Amazing-On shopping app for this essential mission. Your objective is to purchase replacement parts that correspond to the broken components in your beleaguered PC.

With the newly acquired replacement parts in your possession, the moment of truth arrives. Return to your loyal PC and navigate to the upgrade screen. Here, with a steady hand and a discerning eye, you will embark on the delicate process of replacing the worn-out and malfunctioning components with their fresh counterparts. As you meticulously restore your computer to its former glory, a sense of accomplishment washes over you, marking the completion of this fulfilling side quest.

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