Youtubers Life 2 Change the Broken PC Part Guide

Youtubers Life 2 Change the broken PC part is a side quest that triggers when your PC first breaks. This side quest can be completed by swapping out the broken part for something working. To help you complete this task see our detailed guide for more information on the process.

How to Change Broken PC Part

Image showing how to change the broken PC parts in YouTubers Life 2.

As you upload videos during Youtubers Live 2 your computer will eventually break down. Once you reach this point your droid will tell you that the pc will need a replacement part. This triggers the side quest. Before doing anything approach the PC and click upgrade. The broken pieces will flash red. Make a note of what they are so you can get a replacement.

To get the PC replacement parts make your way to the Downtown neighborhood and visit the shop called Leet Point or use the Amazing-On shopping app. Purchase replacement parts for the broken pieces in your PC. Take the parts and replace the broken ones in your PC using the upgrade screen. Once the parts have been replaced you will complete the side quest.

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