Youtubers Life 2 Energy Increase Guide

In Youtubers Life 2 energy plays a very important part of the core gameplay. This bar dictates how efficiently you can complete tasks throughout NewTube City including making videos, deliveries, and taking pictures. When you start the game you have low energy and can only complete a few tasks at a time. As you progress you will want to increase your energy. For details on how to increase energy in Youtubers Life 2 see our guide below.

How to Get More Energy in Youtubers Life 2

Image showing the boxing exercise in YouTubers Life 2.

To increase your energy in Youtubers Life 2 players should visit any of the two NewTube City gyms in the Downtown and Port Neighborhoods. Inside these locations you can complete special exercise mini-games. The exercises mini-games include dumbbells, running, boxing, and more. Completing an exercise consumes energy and time, but rewards you with improved stamina. The energy improvement comes when you complete a total of 4 rounds of exercise. After these exercises are completed you will consume less energy.

Building up your energy tolerance allows you to complete more activities without needing to eat as often. This becomes especially useful as you advance through the main storyline. The more you can accomplish in a day, the more you can increase key metrics like followers, coin generation, and more.

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