Youtubers Life 2 Decorate Your Home Guide

While progressing through the Youtubers Life 2 storyline, you’ll encounter a side quest named “Decorate your home.” This quest’s objective is to enhance your home’s furnishings to elevate its value. Completing this task is straightforward. If you require guidance, refer to our Youtubers Life 2 “Decorate Your Home” guide below for assistance.

How to Decorate Your Home in Youtubers Life 2

You will receive this side quest from Xavier when you awaken. He will mention the online shopping service called Amazing-On. This service allows you to purchase items from the stores in the game. Your droid will install the Amazing-On app on your phone. After installing the app, open your phone and actively buy a home furnishing piece from a store, such as Geektopia.

After you make the purchase you need to wait a day. When the next day arrives you will receive you ordered item in a package in your apartment. Pick up the item and place it somewhere in your apartment by using the place furniture menu. Once the object has been placed you will complete the side quest.

Decorating your apartment is an important part of the game. There is a running tally on how valuable your apartment is. As you increase its value you will fill the meter. When certain numbers are reached you will unlock special rewards. These special rewards are very useful to later in the game. Be sure to focus your time on increasing the value of your apartment.

This quest within Xavier’s Challenge not only enhances your gameplay experience but also offers a platform for personal expression as you transform your apartment into a reflection of your unique style and creativity. Share your thoughts, experiences, and creative decorating ideas in the comments below, serving as a source of inspiration for fellow gamers venturing into their own stylish havens within this virtual realm.



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