Youtubers Life 2 An Autograph for Aaron Guide

Youtubers Life 2 An Autograph for Aaron is a friendship quest players can complete when they raise their relationship level with Aaron. This quest tasks you with getting an autograph from DJ Fox. To help you complete this quest use our guide below. In it you will find the steps necessary to finish this mission.


Get An Autograph for Aaron from DJ Fox

Image showing getting the autograph from DJ Fox for Aaron.

When you hit the first heart level with Aaron he will ask you for a favor. Aaron would like to get a DJ Fox autograph. He asks if you can help him out. To help him you have a few options. First you can find DJ Fox in NewTube City while he is wandering around. This is easy to do, just look on the map for the characters icon. Alternatively you can visit the Galaxy Disco when it is open between 8 PM to 2 AM.

Regardless of where you meet approach DJ Fox and speak with him. Ask for an autograph. At first he will deny you. Be persistent and he will reluctantly give it to you. Take the autograph and head back to Aaron.


Give the autograph to Aaron to complete the side quest. He will thank you for getting his cousin the autograph… wink wink. For getting it he gives you a Gamer Lamp to place in your home. This item can be placed in your home to increase its value. It also adds a bit of character to your apartment when it is placed.

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  1. David says:

    Llevo 5 corazones con Dj_fox y no me da el autógrafo que hago?

  2. Lazaro says:

    Hi, accidently i choose the other option from the chat boxes when i had the option to get the autograph, now Dj Fox don’t give me the option, What to do then ?

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