Youtubers Life 2 Confront Clara’s Fan Guide

Youtubers Life 2 Confront Clara’s Fan is a friendship mission players can complete in the game. This mission tasks players with confronting someone that has been pushing Clara to get back into the boxing ring. To help you complete this friendship mission use our guide below.


Get Access to the Exclusive Fitness Club

Image showing how to access the Exclusive Fitness Club in YouTubers Life 2.

Once you’ve built up your relationship with Clara she will mention a fan has been bothering her. This fan, named Moose, wants her to get back into boxing. Clara wants this harassment to stop so she asks you to speak to him on your behalf. While this is easy enough to do one wrinkly is that Moose can only be found in the Exclusive Fitness Club.

To access this special location you need to put in a bit of work. The club is only accessible to NewTubers that reach Silver League rank. To do this ensure you are putting out content that captures trends. Eventually you will reach 100k subscribers. At this point you can purchase a pass from the security guard for 10,000 coins. Keep in mind the club is only open during Spring and Summer on warm days.


Speak to Moose at the Exclusive Fitness Club

Image showing Moose in YouTubers Life 2.

When you get access to the fitness club head to it when it is open. Go inside the building and head over to the bar. Here you will find the character named Moose. Speak to Moose about Clara and you will tell him to leave her alone. He promises to do this and gives you her old boxing outfit.

Take the boxing outfit and head back to Clara. Speak to her about Moose. Clara thanks you for helping her with Moose and lets you keep the outfit. This ends the friendship mission.

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