Youtubers Life 2 A Streaming with 50000 Viewers Guide

Youtubers Life 2 A Streaming with 50000 Viewers is a main quest players must complete to reach the game’s ending. This quest comes from Clara who asks you to livestream to 50,000 spectators to get the NT Code she possess. To help you hit this mark and complete the quest see our guide below.

How to Reach 50,000 Viewers on Livestream in Youtubers Life 2

Hitting the required viewership number for this main quest is fairly easy. If you are a Silver League or above size NewTuber you really just need to start a stream and complete it. If you aren’t at that size yet you need to be a touch more methodical. First consult the Glitch app and aim to stream near peak viewership. Second target a livestream on a top trend topic. Lastly complete the streaming mini-game with few to no errors.

Once you’ve hit the livestream mark go back to Clara. Speak to her to complete this main quest. Clara will give you the NT Code. This code needs to be placed in the TubeTron NT037 in Er-Tech to advance the main story. You need to collect a total of five of these codes to complete this main mission.

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