Where to Send Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077

The choices you can make with what to do with Jackie's body.

As Act 1 of Cyberpunk 2077 concludes, V and Jackie embark on “The Heist” mission at Arasaka Tower. Tragedy strikes as Jackie is injured and eventually passes away. Navigate the emotional choice of where to send Jackie’s body with directions from our “Where to Send Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077” guide.

Deciding Jackie’s Fate

After the tumultuous events at Arasaka Tower, V and Jackie find themselves in a Delamain on their way back to Dex or Evelyn. Unfortunately, Jackie succumbs to his injuries during the ride. You face a crucial decision regarding what to do with his body:

  1. Nowhere. Wait for me here: Opt to leave Jackie’s remains in the vehicle, which will automatically transport them to his family. This choice also unlocks a special memorial.
  2. Take him him, to his family: Sending Jackie’s remains to his family unlocks the memorial, delving deeper into Jackie’s backstory.
  3. Take him to Vik Vektor’s Clinic: Choosing to send Jackie’s body to Viktor’s Clinic will result in bonus dialogue during the Total Immortal ending.

Your choice here doesn’t impact your acquisition of Jackie’s belongings, including his bike. However, if you want to unlock the memorial service for Jackie, select option 1 or 2.

Unlocking Jackie’s Memorial

Jackie's memorial in Cyberpunk 2077.
If you make the correct choice you can attend Jackie’s Memorial.

Unlocking Jackie’s Memorial is straightforward. Simply have Jackie’s remains sent to his family or left in the car. Wait for Mama Welles to contact you via text, and this will trigger the “Heroes” side mission. Call Mama Welles, then head to Elcoyote Cojo for the memorial.

Before the service, you’ll receive keys to Jackie’s garage. Search for an item in the garage to offer during the memorial service. Once you’ve made your selection, return to Elcoyote Cojo to bid your friend a final farewell.

As you advance through the main storyline, you’ll encounter additional choices akin to this one. Refer to our decision-making guides for assistance in making informed decisions during pivotal moments like Beat on the Brat and what to do with Delamain.

Though Jackie’s story ends tragically, Night City offers numerous opportunities for more positive outcomes. You can engage in romantic relationships with various NPCs, such as Meredith Stout and others.

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