Beat On the Brat Choices Guide for Cyberpunk 2077

Coach Fred asking V to throw the fight.

Inside your expansive apartment complex, you’ll encounter an NPC named Coach Fred, a boxing coach with an intriguing proposition. Coach Fred invites you to participate in various matches throughout the city. Upon successfully completing four boxing matches in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll unlock a final showdown at the Grand Imperial Mall in Pacifica. At this critical juncture, Coach Fred presents you with a unique choice: whether to throw the fight or not. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve outlined the outcomes in our Beat on the Brat choices guide.

Should You Throw the Fight or Not in Cyberpunk 2077

When you reach the Grand Imperial Mall, engage in a conversation with Coach Fred, and opt to hear his proposal. He’ll then guide you to a more discreet location where he’ll present the plan to throw the fight. Here, you face two choices:

  • Throw the Fight: By selecting the “I’ll do it” option, you agree to deliberately lose the fight against Razor. Choosing this path requires little effort as you simply need to initiate the fight and let Razor emerge victorious. This option provides you with double the Eddie reward compared to winning the fight, making it an attractive choice for those looking to bolster their finances without much hassle.
  • No Way I’m Out: Opt for this choice if you’re determined to fight Razor and have no intention of throwing the match. Be prepared for a challenging bout against one of the game’s tougher opponents. Should you emerge victorious, you’ll earn Eddies and more Street Cred than if you had chosen to throw the fight.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. If you’ve already maxed out your Street Cred, there may be little incentive to win the fight. However, if you possess a robust brawler build and aim to bolster your Street Cred, the fight can be rewarding, albeit not in terms of monetary gains. To explore both options, consider creating a save before entering the ring that you can revert to.

Following the conclusion of the Beat On the Brat side mission, your journey comes to a close once you’ve either thrown or won the fight. Upon finishing the fight, you’ll receive your respective reward. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to defeat Razor after the match, even if you desire to do so.

This represents merely one of the many choices you can shape in Night City. Explore our selection of other decision guides, encompassing topics such as dealing with Delamain, rescuing Takemura, and determining the destination for Jackie’s remains.

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5 responses

  1. Nicholas Murphy says:

    I mean, I guess I could arrive in a jockstrap sans cup and get real handsy with Ol’ razburry. It’s break him emotionally instesd of physically, but a win’s a win.

    However, there is a small part of me that believes such a mechanic may not even EXIST in this game. I realise how jarring that may be to the billions of gamers in their 20s playing right now if true. I won’t go to such a dark place, a twisted hellscape where games don’t include a build to “make your foes extremely uncomfortable as you get real drunk uncle handsy but its OK cuz were both straight” as a primary playstyle.

    I know CDPR would never dare exclude our growing cause, straight men using their lack of personal bounderies and inability to get embarrassed as mental warfare. We strive to be not only a disservice to straight men everywhere, but to all men…ALL humankind.

    Obviously they knew I would personally come to poland to use my powers of unembarrassment and “never having learned bounderies” on the developers in retribution, so we can safely assume that IS an option in game. So I just gotta know how much I stand to make because a tiny voice in the back of my mind seems to think that Razor may not actually appreciate the humor and could be a decidedly unchill variable in my plans. Probably just paranoia, razor seemed like a pretty laid back chill bro from our brief interaction. I cowered in the corner holding out my belongings sputtering “just take it…take everything, i dont want any trouble sir.” Between tears and nervous blackouts. The rest of the room uncomfortably tried to direct his attention away from the clearly racist coward peeing in self defense, but I know I got into his head. The second 20 minute crying fit? Totally fake, he was thrown off my the real one minutes prior.

    Seriously, i will relocate this story of me being the best worst guy on earth to my notes soon but I can’t stop til I get my money answers. Cmon people on this website, wake up. The kids can be late to school again. The wife’s been in surgery for two days, another 2 hours wont kill her, it’s me time. My money answers or slow downward spiral writing stories about my escapades as “The worst man on earth!”

  2. Nick says:

    What is the difference in eddies if I throw it? I am so far from a brawler spec playing on hard with zero points in fists/durability stuff. I got him down to aroind 10%ish and then he 1hit me…max street cred, max level…

    I just don’t wanna lose to 2077’s Lenny, getting hugged to death by an angry simpleton. 3k eddies is nothing, ive got everything I need but I just dont want to lose because the dumb atavistic part of my brain just doesnt want to lose fights, even virtual ones…i’m essentially a dog trying to fight a hound on TV because my synapses tell me so and that’s the end of the argument lol…

    But, if its like 20k+ it’s worth to lose. Chump change in the endgame but a lot better than 3k and a ton of effort…im just worried its gonna be like 5k or 8k or some shit

  3. EddieNash says:

    For me, it was the opposite. I met her before the fight, then I beat Razor, then I didn’t see anything about it being faked.

  4. KaboomGoesMaximus says:

    Mechanically it doesn’t change anything, but it’s worth noting that if you choose to throw the fight, a little girl will call you over and tell a story about how Razor nearly killed her father in the ring, and she wants you to beat him for revenge. I don’t know what happens if you go through with throwing the fight, but if you decide to win anyway, it turns out she was faking it (implicitly because someone wanted Razor to lose and she made a deal with them). Also Coach Fred gets SUPER mad at you.

    • Discrepancy says:

      Thank you for this! I was wondering who that girl was. Looks like I encountered a glitch because I never spoke to or even saw her before the fight; told coach I would fight only to win, and then (after a lot of work) I won. As I left the room after the fight, I encountered the girl you mention, and my V makes a comment about her “making it all up.” Since I never got the father story, I had no idea what either of them were talking about.

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