Where to Get Fluxweed in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stems.

In Hogwarts Legacy there are a wide variety of tools at the players disposal that shape how they play the game. One tool players can use is plants. Summon these plants in battle for support or use them to craft special potions.. A plant you will need to acquire while you play is the Fluxweed. To help you find it here’s our complete where to get Fluxweed Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Purchase Fluxweed Stems from The Magic Neep

Hogwarts Legacy The Magic Neep store map location.
Visit the Magic Neep at this map location.

The easiest method to acquiring Fluxweed is to purchase the grown plants from the store called The Magic Neep on the northwest side of Hogsmeade. This special shop sells a variety of plants including Fluxweed. To purchase a Fluxweed simply speak to the shopkeeper and select it from the Ingredients section. Each plant costs a total of 150 Galleons to purchase.

Grow Fluxweed Plants in Room of Requirement

Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Seeds.
Purchase Fluxweed Seeds from The Magic Neep.

If you don’t simply want to buy Fluxweed for use you can also grow your own plants. To do this make your way back to The Magic Neep. Instead of buying the Ingredient Fluxweed Stems purchase the Fluxweed Seed Packet for 350 Galleons.

A Fluxweed plant growing in a large pot.
Fluxweed takes 10 minutes to grow.

Once you have the Fluxweed Seed you need to plant it and let it grow. To do this make your way to the Room of Requirement. To grow the Fluxweed Plant requires a Potting Table a large pot to grow it in. This seed, planted, takes 15 minutes to yield 5x ingredients. To make more you can use Fertilizer to increase your yield per pot.

Find Fluxweed Plants While Exploring

The last method of getting Fluxweed is locating it out while you are exploring. While you are exploring use your Revelio spell to highlights plants around you. Fluxweed appear as long-stemmed plants with flowers on top. They grow in clusters together with other Fluxweed plants.

That’s all you need to know about the ways to get Fluxweed in Hogwarts Legacy. This plant is required (along with Venomous Tentacula, Mandrake, and Chinese Chomping Cabbages) to complete the Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 side quest. Completing this quest unlocks a new spell called Flipendo.

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