Where to Find Lanya in Elden Ring

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In Elden Ring in the Roundtable Hold there is a character named Diallos. When you meet Diallos he speaks of his servant Lanya and how she went missing. This isn’t much a surprise to Diallos, who says it happens often. Diallos then asks you to find Lanya for him. To help you do this, see our where to find Lanya in Elden Ring guide below.

Location of Lanya

Lanya is located at this location on your map.

Finding Lanya is a fairly straightforward affair. To find the missing servant girl you need to make your way to the Liurnia lake. At the lake you want to go to the Site of Grace called Academy Gate Town. From this location head to the north/northwest to the roof of a sunken building (shown on the map above).

At this location you will encounter Diallos and Lanya. Unfortunately for Lanya she is dead. Diallos promises to revenge his dead servant girl by finding whoever did this.

After you’ve made the discovery, head back to the Roundtable Hold. Speak to Diallos here to learn some important details regarding the next step in the quest. Basically the individuals responsible are hiding out on Mt. Gelmir, where there is a manor on the peak.

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