Elden Ring Diallos Questline Guide

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In Elden Ring there is an NPC that players can meet called Diallos. This NPC is first met in the Roundtable Hold where he speaks of his loyal servant Lanya being missing. This kicks off his questline which runs through a large part of the story. To help you complete this questline use our Elden Ring Diallos questline guide below.

Important: Complete the questline of Iron Fist Alexander alongside this quest to see it through to the end. The key item you get from Alexander is part of completing the Diallos quest.

Where to Find Lanya

You will first encounter Diallos in the Roundtable Hold at the start of the game. This NPC stands near a statue in the roundtable room. Speak to him and he mentions his missing loyal house servant called Lanya. Lanya has been missing for a while, but Diallos is not overly concerned. If you find her he asks that you let him know.

Lanya is located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. In this region make your way to the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. From this Site of Grace head directly northwest and you will find Lanya dead on a sunken rooftop. Diallos will also be there. Speak to him here then go to the Roundtable Hold and speak to him again to get him to move to Volcano Manor’s Drawing Room.

Complete the Volcano Manor Questline or Defeat Rykard

Make your way up Mt. Gelmir and go to Volcano Manor. At Volcano Manor speak to Tanith and agree to join. She gives you the Drawing-Room Key when you do. Go into the Drawing Room (left-side of hallway). Inside the Drawing Room you will find a letter on the table. Pick it up to start the Volcano Manor questline which tasks you with hunting three targets:

  1. Old Knight Istvan.
  2. Rileigh the Idle.
  3. Juno Hoslow.

Each time you defeat a target return to Tanith and speak to her. She will reward you. Return to the Drawing Room and pick up the next letter. Upon completion of the third letter report to Tanith to complete the questline. Reload the area and Diallos will leave the manor.

Alternaitve: Use the secret wall path to reach Rykard (after you go through the city). Defeat this demi-god and Diallos will leave the manor at this point as well.

Where to Find Diallos after Volcano Manor

After Diallos leaves Volcano Manor he heads back to the Liurnia of the Lake region. In this region he goes to a location called Jarburg which is just south of the Cairn Study Hall. Before you can find Diallos in Jarburg you need to advance the area’s quest. This is fairly easy to do.

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In the area there is an NPC named Jar-Bairn that sits on some steps. Speak to this NPC and continue to reload and exhaust its dialogue until it says Diallos has moved into the village. Diallos can be found inside the northeast shack working on a little Jar. Speak to Diallos at this location. Go back to Jar-Bairn and speak to him. Exhaust his dialogue. Rest at the Jarburg Site of Grace to reset the area.

After the reset Jar-Bairn will move to the path going through the village. Speak to him to learn that Poachers came and destroyed the pots. Nearby Diallos is dying. Go and speak with him. He will then die.

Return to the Jarburg Site of Grace and reset at it. Head back along the path to find Jar-Bairn consuming Diallos. Rest once more at the Site of Grace and Jar-Bairn will return to his step location. Before you speak to him go down the path and loot Diallos to receive Diallos’s Mask, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and Numen’s Rune. Speak to him and give him the Alexander’s Innards key item then sit at the Site of Grace one final time. Go to where Jar-Bairn was and pick up the item to get the Companion Jar (Talisman) which raises the potency of throwing pots.

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