Elden Ring Irina’s Letter Delivery Guide

Along the road heading to the south of the Bridge of Sacrifice you will encounter an NPC named Irina. Irina is one of the characters in Elden Ring that asks you to do something for her. In this case she wants you to deliver a message to her father who is still in the castle to the south. Agree to deliver the letter to start this side quest. See our Elden Ring Irina’s letter delivery guide below for details.

Where to Find Irina

Before you can deliver the letter you first need to get it from Irina. As mentioned above Irina is located along the path heading south from the Bridge of Sacrifice. Go to the location marked on the map above to find Irina sitting. Speak to her and she will ask you to deliver a letter to her father who is still inside the Castle Morne. Agree and she will give the letter to you.

Where to Deliver Irina’s Letter

Once you’ve received the letter continue heading to the south until you reach Castle Morne. Make your way through Castle Morne until you reach the southern ramparts (you have to go here to advance the main story). On the ramparts there is a section where you can drop down to the ramparts that are going to the northeast. Do this then run across the ramparts until you reach some stairs. Go up the stairs and you will find Irina’s father.

At this point you can choose what you wish to do. The father will not leave because he has a duty to defend the sword in the castle. Because of this duty he will stay. If you do choose to give the letter you can then go back to Irina to see what’s happened to her.

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