Elden Ring Shabiri Grapes Guide

In Elden Ring there is an item called the Shabiri Grapes. This item is part of a side quest you can complete to unlock an emote. The Elden Ring Shabiri Grapes guide below walks you through where to find the item and what to do with it.

Where to Find the Shabiri Grapes

The Shabiri Grapes are located inside the Stormveil Castle in the basement of the throne room after you’ve defeated Godrick the Grafted. In this area there is an NPC ghost that is kneeling on the ground. If you speak to him he tells of giving the Shabiri Grapes to a maiden. Grab the grapes from beside him.

Who to Give the Shabiri Grapes To

Image showing who to give the Shabiri Grapes to in Elden Ring.

Once you have the Shabiri Grapes you are probably wondering what to do with them. Thankfully you don’t have to go very far. Continue north out of the castle and go to the Lake Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. At this resting spot you will meet a woman who asks if you can donate any Shabiri Grapes in you possession to her. Agree to give her the grapes to receive the As You Wish gesture.

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