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Kingdom Come Deliverance is all about consequences – Kill someone? Go to jail. Enjoy the bath wench’s services? Get a disease (just kidding). Seriously though, what you do in the world has lasting effects, which means the game’s autosave feature is a bit unconventional. To autosave in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you will need to have a Savior Schnapps available (I’ll go into more detail below). To add Saviour Schnapps to your inventory, you have a few methods: buy them, find them, or make them. This guide will help you find where to buy Saviour Schnapps so you can be able to autosave.

What Are Saviour Schnapps?

Saviour Schnapps Item Descriptions: A liquor of exotic fragrance. Drinking it is an experience that can’t be forgotten. 

Saviour Schnapps are a consumable item in Kingdom Come Deliverance, which allows you to autosave the game. Unlike other RPGs, you are only able to have three autosaves at one time, so pick your save points carefully (your oldest autosave gets overwritten). If you don’t have any Saviour Schnapps, you won’t be able to autosave (can still save via sleeping/quests/using bathhouse). To make life easier, you will want to have Saviour Schnapps on you at all time. Below you will learn where to Saviour Schnapps.

Taverns – Alehouse Maid NPCs

During the 15th century, life was hard. This often meant there was a lot of self-medicating with good old alcohol. This approach is reflected in Kingdom Come Deliverance as you will often see a Tavern (or multiple) in the towns you visit. These Taverns serve multiple purposes, but the one we are most interested in is the fact they sell Saviour Schnapps. Most Taverns sell two flasks and they refresh every 24 hours (minimal testing on this). Taverns, given their existence in almost every town, are a good place to find Saviour Schnapps.

Inns – Innkeeper NPCs

Like Taverns, Inns are also very accessible. At Inns you can choose to sleep, buy items and learn about quests. If you choose to buy items, one of the items that Innkeepers sell is the Saviour Schnapps. Like the Taverns it also appears that an Innkeeper’s supply of this item refreshes every 24 hours.

Traders – Trader NPCs

The final place I will suggest looking is at any Trader. These NPCs also carry supply of Saviour Schnapps which can be easily accessed for purchase. Since not every town has a Trader, there a bit less accessible than the previous options, but still should be used whenever accessible.

There you go, a complete guide to the locations that sell Saviour Schnapps. While this guide solely focused on buying them, it should be noted that Saviour Schnapps can be found throughout the world and seem to be common in Hard – Very Hard locked Chests.

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