How To Make Saviour Schnapps – Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance features an interesting autosave feature which revolves around a consumable item called the Saviour Schnapps. To add Saviour Schnapps to your inventory, you have a few methods: buy them, find them, or make them. In this guide I will be showing you how to make Saviour Schnapps so you never have to worry about autosaving again.

Saviour Schnapps Ingredients

Here is the quick and dirty ingredients list:

  • 1x Nettle
  • 2x Belladonna
  • Alchemy Station

Ingredients can be purchased from herbalists, or gathered in the forests of the world.

Making Saviour Schnapps

To make the autosaving drink, collect the ingredients for the recipe above and make your way to an alchemy table. At the alchemy table you will can learn how to make Savior Schnapps by reading the book found there. If you don’t want to follow the book, here are the directions:

  • Step 1: Take wine from left shelf and place it in cauldron
  • Step 2: Place ingredients on right shelf (Nettle and Belladonna) – Place Nettle in Cauldron
  • Step 3: Place 2x Belladonna in mortar and use the pestle to grind it
  • Step 4: Add ground Belladonna to dish
  • Step 5: Use bellows to heat cauldron. Use until boils (bubbles come off the water).
  • Step 6: Turn sand timer two times (after first flip runs out, flip again)
  • Step 7: Add ground up Belladonna from dish
  • Step 8: Turn timer once. Wait for it to run out.
  • Step 9: Grab phial and fill from cauldron.

Completing this sequence will add one Saviour Schnapp to your inventory. This will allow you to autosave one time will out on your adventure. When possible, do batches of Saviour Schnapps to save time and ensure you always have some in your inventory.

More: Where to buy Saviour Schnapps to save time. 

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