What’s New in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.9.0

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Vampire Survivors is nearing its full release and there are only a few major patches left. Released on July 21st the v0.9.0 patch added a variety of new additions to the popular survival game. In this patch there is a new challenge stage, a new character, new Arcanas, and even new evolutions. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in Vampire Survivors patch 0.9.0 below. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW.

New Challenge Stage Called Boss Rash

Image showing Boss Rash stage unlocked in Vampire Survivors v0.9.0.
Boss Rash challenge stage unlocked!

The first of the new additions in patch v0.9.0 is a new challenge stage. Challenge stages are a bit different from normal stages as they revolve around some sort of challenge to complete. To unlock the Boss Rash stage you must have beaten all 5 normal stages on Hyper Mode. If you meet this criteria the new stage will unlock.

New Secret Dragon Character Named Gyorunton

Image showing the Gyorunton character in Vampire Survivors v0.9.0.
Unlocking Gyorunton.

Since there is a new challenge level you should expect a new character to unlock, and there is one. Named Gyorunton, this three-headed dragon is a secret unlock on the Boss Rash challenge stage. To unlock Gyorunton you need to complete a run of Boss Rash with Max Weapon = 1.Upon reaching minute 15 you will unlock Gyorunton for purchase on the Character Selection screen.

A little background on this character. Gyorunton starts off with the newly added weapon the Bracelet. Alongside starting with this weapon this character has an interesting passive which gains +1% Curse every level. To counter balance this Gyorunton can find evolutions in any Treasure.

New Weapon Evolutions: Bracelet

Image showing the new Bracelet weapon in Vampire Survivors.
The Bracelet weapon.

The new weapon held by Gyorunton, Bracelet, has two evolutions that can occur. These evolutions are done by reaching the max (+6) level of each of the Bracelet’s evolutions. Once you do when you interact with a chest you receive the Bi-Bracelet. Level up the Bi-Bracelet to +6 then interact with a chest to receive the Tri-Bracelet. The Tri-Bracelet can then be maxed to level +6.

2x New Arcanas to Unlock

Patch 0.9.0 features two new Arcanas for players to unlock. These Arcanas are I – Gemini and II – Twilight Requiem. To unlock Arcanas I reach Level 99 with Pugnala. To unlock Arcanas II reach Level 99 with Dommario. The easiest method to do this is run something like Inlaid Library. The effects of the Arcanas are:

  • II – Twilight Requiem: Listed projectiles generate explosions when they expire.

Once you’ve unlocked both of these Arcanas they will become usable during runs either by selecting them at the start or unlocking them from a Treasure.

4x New Achievements

Each of the unlocks listed above come with their own achievements (besides the secret character). This brings the total amount of achievements in the game to 127. The 4x new achievements are:

  • I – Gemini: Reach level 99 with Pugnala.
  • II – Twilight Requiem: Reach level 99 with Dommario.
  • Skip 5: Survive 15 minutes in Boss Rash.
  • Hyper Boss Rush: Unlock Hyper mode for all 5 normal stages.

Since there are still more patches to come, expect there to be more achievements to unlock in the future. The roadmap for the game does not state how many the developers plan to have in the full release.

That’s everything that’s new in Vampire Survivors patch 0.9.0. You can read the official patch notes here. Be sure to check out our other Vampire Survivors guides for help with the game. Also check back when the next update drops as we will be covering that as well.

Thoughts on what’s new in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.9.0? Drop them in the comments below.



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