Items Between Torronas Box and Silver Ring in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors patch 0.9.0 there is a number of items for players to unlock. Many of the items are obvious to unlock. Others are well hidden. The hidden items that are stumping people are the 4 items between Torronas Box and Silver Ring. These items have a specific unlock for players to complete. To learn how to unlock the 4 items between Torronas Box and Silver Ring in Vampire Survivors see our guide below.

Unlock Arcanas I – Gemini

Image showing how to unlock Arcanas I - Gemini in Vampire Survivors.
How to unlock I – Gemini.

To unlock the 4 items between Torrona’s Box and Silver Ring you need to turn your attention to unlocking a certain Arcanas. The certain Arcanas you want to unlock is I – Gemini. This Arcanas landed in the game in patch 0.9.0. To unlock it you need to reach Level 99 with Pugnala.

Do a Run With I – Gemini Equipped

Image showing the items between torrona's box and the silver ring in vampire survivors.
Four items can be unlocked using I – Gemini.

The I – Gemini Arcanas has an interesting description you should pay attention to. It says “Listed weapons come with a counterpart.” it then lists the Peachone, Ebony Wings, Vandilier, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eigth The Sparrow, and Phieraggi.

Knowing this start a run and select I – Gemini as your starting item. Complete the run (or quit out). Go to your Collection scroll down to locate the following four items that have been unlocked:

  • Cyngus.
  • Zhar Ptytsia.
  • Red Muscle.
  • Twice Upon a Time.

All four of these items will fill in the spots between Torrona’s Box and Silver Ring. Each item listed above has a special passive to make the original weapons more useful. Once unlocked your collection will be complete at 117/117 (more items to come in other updates). For more help with other parts of patch 0.9.0 check out how to unlock the Boss Rash challenge stage and how to unlock the secret character.

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