Things to Do After Beating the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online

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The Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online is the major focus of the update of the same name. If you didn’t know thought there are other activities you can complete outside of the heist itself. This post will highlight some of those activities. If you beat the game and want to know things to do after beating the Cayo Perico Heist we’ve got you covered. Read on below.

Repair 10 Antennas and Get the Still Slipping Station Up and Running

Image showing a antenna from the Still Slipping mission in GTA Online.

If you haven’t already done so there is a side mission you can compete called Still Slipping. This side mission starts in Mirror Park. To complete this mission you need to travel around to 10 antennas and fix them. Once the antennas are fixed you will gain access to a new radio station called Still Slipping Los Santos that is hosted by UK DJ Joy Orbison. To find all of the antennas use our GTA Online antennas location guide.

Unlock the Cayo Perico Heist Weapons

Image showing the Perico Pistol in GTA Online.

This new update released a total of three new weapons for players to unlock. One of these weapons, the Military Rifle, is available right off the bat for purchase from any Ammu-Nation. The other two weapons require more effort to attain. If you completed the heist, but didn’t unlock these weapons now is the perfect time to do just that. Both the Perico Pistol and Combat Shotgun can be obtained during the heist. See our Perico Pistol and Combat Shotgun guides for more details.

Visit the Cayo Perico Beach Party in Free Roam

Image showing the party on Cayo Perico.

Once you’ve completed the heist at least once you will unlock the ability to head back to the island in free roam. Returning to the island can be done from the airport. When you are on Cayo Perico you will be placed into the party area. In this area you can hit up the bar for free drinks or dance on the dance floor. There isn’t much else to do here, but I expect more activities to come to the island in the future.

Hunt For Underwater Secret Caches Each Day

Image showing a underwater cache in GTA Online.

This update introduced a few vehicles that have sonar. With sonar you can explore the underwater portions of Los Santos for caches. Each cache is worth $7,500k when they are collected. There are a total of 10 caches you can find each and every day if you have a sonar capable vehicle. While not the most exciting work it can be an easy $75,000 a day.

Run the Cayo Perico Heist Over and Over Again

Image showing the Cayo Perico Heist setup fee.

Upon completion of your first run of the Cayo Perico Heist you will be able to replay it over and over again. This allows you to farm the heist for cash. To replay the heist wait for Pavel to contact you about it being available again. After that message the Cayo Perico Heist will be available again. Head to your sub and pay the $25,000 setup cost. After settling the setup fee, your next tasks include actively gathering intelligence on the primary target (keep in mind that other gathered intel will still be relevant), carrying out essential preparation work, and finally, securing access to the heist.

Wait for Rockstar Drip Feed Content

It wouldn’t be a Rockstar update without a steady stream of drip feed content for players to wait patiently to suckle on. As of right now there is a number of things that will be coming our way each week. Many of these additions are currently unknown but we do know there will be new vehicles for purchase. Vehicles aside previous updates have seen things like collectibles and events.

This guide is part of our larger collection of Cayo Perico Heist update guides and walkthroughs. Check out the page for more guides for things like cars, weapons, heist intel and more. Thanks for reading and happy heisting.

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  1. retro bowl says:

    With lighting effects, the party is also accessible at night; on the mainland, time moves roughly twice as slowly.

  2. john adam says:

    Can’t help myself but always kill the first guard up the stairs. I know I can just walk past him but that ain’t fun.
    brooo this helped me out cause I wasn’t getting it at first…tysm💙

  3. Al says:

    After the Heist is done for the first time, subsequent gather intel missions are no longer frozen at 12 noon and time progresses so it’s possible to do some reconnaissance at night. The party can also be visited at night with lighting effects; time passes about twice as slowly on the mainland.

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