GTA Online: 10 Antenna Locations Guide

In the Cayo Perico Heist update for GTA Online there is a new quest for players to complete that involves 10 antennas. These antennas are tied to a pirate radio station that is broadcasting out of Mirror Park. To complete this quest use our 10 antenna locations guide below.


  • Fix the antennas by approaching the base and interacting with it.
  • Use a mobile vehicle to speed up collection.
  • Order of collecting doesn’t matter.

Where to Start Still Slipping Los Santos

Image showing Where to Start Still Slipping Los Santos.

When you login after downloading the Cayo Perico Heist update you will see a J? on your map in Mirror Park. Jump on your favorite hovering vehicle (if you’ve got one) and head to that location. When you the symbol on your map you will receive a message saying

“For anyone tuning in, this is Joy Orbison on Still Slipping Los Santos. We’re only able to broadcast locally right now but, with you help, we can boost our signal across San Andreas.”

Once you receive this message you will start the quest. All you need to do to complete this quest is locate and repair 10 broken antennas for Cash, RP, and a bonus reward.

GTA Online Antenna Locations Map

The ten antennas you need to find are located across Los Santos. These antennas appear mainly on roofs, but there are some that can be found on the ground. The two maps above show the locations of all ten antennas. For more detailed descriptions of each see the pictures and text below. The map numbers correspond with the numbers below. I ordered them to work from north to south.

Antenna 1: Roof of Fire Station (Paleto Bay)

Image showing the Paleto Bay Antenna.

The first antenna is located in Paleto Bay. Head to the fire station and make your way onto the roof. On the roof you will find the antenna. Approach it and repair it to receive your reward.

Antenna 2: Gondala Platform (Mount Chiliad)

Image showing the Mount Chiliad antenna.

This antenna can be found on on the gondola at the top of Mount Chiliad. The antenna is near where you get onto the gondola. Repair it to receive your rewards.

Antenna 3: Hay Field (San Chianski Mount Range)

Image showing the San Chianski Mount Range antenna.

You will find this antenna inside a fenced off area on the edge of a hay field in San Chianski Mount Range. Go into the fenced area to reach the antenna so you can repair it.

Antenna 4: Beside Trailer (Sandy Shores)

Image showing the Sandy Shores antenna.

Like the previous antenna this one is also located on the ground. You will find this antenna next to a trailer in Sandy Shores. The trailer is just down the street from the tattoo shop.

Antenna 5: Rebel Station (Grand Senora Desert)

Image showing the Rebel Station antenna location.

This antenna is fittingly located just outside of the Rebel Station in the Grand Senora Desert. The antenna itself is next to the building that has the REBEL sign on it.

Antenna 6: Communications Array (Vinewood Hills)

Image showing the Vinewood Hills Antenna.

The antenna in Vinewood Hills can be found amongst a number of communication towers in the communications array. The antenna is next to the bottom of one of the communication towers and the building.

Antenna 7: Roof of Kortz Building (Pacific Bluffs)

Image showing the Pacific Bluffs Antenna location.

The location of the Pacific Bluffs antenna is on top of the Kortz building. Look for it on the eastside next to a much larger and taller satellite dish.

Antenna 8: Rockford Plaza Building Roof (Burton)

Image showing the Burton antenna location.

The Burton antenna can be found on the roof of the Rockford Plaza building. When you are on the roof look for a raised section that has two satellites on it. In-between the satellites is the antenna.

Antenna 9: Roof of Building Overlooking Workout Area (San Andreas/Goma St.)

Image showing the San Andreas antenna location.

You will find this antenna on the building opposite the workout area on the beach in San Andreas. It is right on the corner of the building, so it is hard to miss.

Antenna 10: Factory Roof (Cypress Flats)

Image showing the Cypress Flats antenna location.

The last antenna can be found on the highest point of the factory building in Cypress Flats. It is on the corner so you should be able to see it. If not note it looks down on a garage that is for sale.

Upon repairing your tenth antenna you will receive a text message thanking you for a job well done. Besides this thanks you will receive $70k. That’s all there is to repairing all of the antennas in GTA Online. For more guides and walkthroughs for the Cayo Perico Heist update see our hub here.

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