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Once you’ve setup The Alliance Map you will have a new quest to complete as part of the main story in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This quest is called The Sons of Ragnar. It takes you north of the settlement, deeper into England, where you must meet up with Sigurd. To complete this mission see our guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Find and speak to Sigurd.
  • Follow Ivarr.
  • Speak with Ubba.
  • Travel to Tamworth.
  • Speak with the captain.
  • Breach the first gate.
  • Destroy the palisade.

Find and Speak to Sigurd

Leave the settlement by Longship and head along the river traveling north/northwest. This journey is a bit long to complete as you need to reach Sigurd in the town called Repton. Once you reach the town head inside it and go into the torture room along the south wall. In this room you will meet a new character called Ivarr.

Follow Ivarr

Once you’ve met Ivarr follow him through Repton until you reach a tent. Inside this tent you will meet more NPCs. These NPCs are meeting with Sigurd. Ater this cutscene you will leave the tent.

Speak with Ubba and Travel to Tamworth

To find Ubba head to the north of Repton. On the banks of the river there you will find this character in the camps. Speak to Ubba to trigger yet another cutscene. After this cutscene you need to travel to Tamworth which is located to the southeast of Repton in Ledecestrescire. If you traveled up the river to Repton you will have a fast travel point directly west of it.

When you do manage to make it to Tamworth you will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will need to speak with the captain. This npc is located further east of Tamworth. Simply follow the path and you will reach her. The captain will ask you if you are ready to fight. If you are tell her that.

Breach the First Gate

Like we did during the Birthrights mission we are again laying siege to an enemy fortress. When we start the battle we will need to breach the first gate. Again to do this scale the wall using the ladders on either side of the gate. Once on the wall fight your way to ground level. Use your axe to destroy the bar on the gate. Open the gate to let the battering ram in.

Destroy the Palisade

Once the first gate is opened you will get a new objective to destroy the palisade. This barricade in your path must be destroyed. To do this make your way behind the barricade. Stand a bit away from it and throw a torch or shoot an arrow into the explosives there. Once the palisade is destroyed continue forward to the next locked gate.

Breach the Second Gate

The second gate you will reach is locked. Climb up the vines along the wall to the right of the gate to reach the top. Drop down to the ground below and fight the pikeman guarding the gate. This enemy is fairly tough so try to use range when possible. Once this enemy is defeated Use your axe to destroy the bar on the gate. Open the gate to let the battering ram in.

Defeat King Burgred’s Elites (2)

After the second gate follow the path leading up to the Longhouse. Along the path fight the enemies so your party can reach the top. Once you are at the top just outside of the Longhouse you will find two of King Burgred’s Elites. If you cleared the path up your group will be with you making fighting these two enemies trivial.

Enter the Longhouse and Look for Clues of the King’s Whereabouts

Once the enemies are defeated break your way into the Longhouse to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene head opposite the barred door and grab the scroll off the desk (use your eagle vision if needed). Take the scroll to Ivarr who is sitting on the throne nearby. This will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will complete the mission. The next mission will unlock for you called Bartering.

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