Birthrights – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

Upon taking Kjotve’s Fortress during the A Cruel Destiny mission you will be summoned to Alrekstad to meet with King Harald. This starts a new main mission objective called Birthrights. This mission takes you into a new region of the map called Hordafylke. To complete this mission use our Birthrights guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Reach Alrekstad.
  • Speak to Sigurd.
  • Follow Basim.
  • Enter Gorm’s Cabin.
  • Speak to Sigurd.

Reach Alrekstad and Speak to Sigurd

You have a few options to reach Alrekstad but the fastest is to simply ride your mount along the road heading there. This ride will take you a few minutes to complete and is the most direct route you can manage. If you wish to deviate from the path you can. There are a number of hidden areas along the way to complete. Once you reach Alrekstad you will receive a new quest objective to speak to Sigurd. He can be found inside the tavern. Enter the tavern to trigger a cutscene.

Follow Basim and Enter Gorm’s Cabin

Image showing Gorm's Cabin in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

After the cutscene follow Basim into the town streets. As you walk Basim will tell you to equip your cloak. Do this then continue down the street until you are prompted to enter Gorm’s Cabin. Enter the Distrust Area and sneak your way through the area until you reach the cabin. Enter it to trigger a cutscene with Gorm.

Speak to Sigurd

Outside of the cabin head to meet up with Sigurd at the Longhouse. Once you reach the Longhouse enter via the two large double-doors to trigger a cutscene inside. During this cutscene you can provide input over what happens to Gorm. Regardless of what you choose Harald will exile Gorm.

Following the night’s festivities in Alrekstad you will return to Fornburg. This will end the Birthrights story mission. The next mission you will need to complete is called The Seas of Fate. This mission will appear in your quest log immediately.

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