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Back in Fornburg you will start a new quest called The Seas of Fate. This quest occurs after you learn about the Birthrights and the direction your clan is heading. During this mission you will are tasked with . To help you complete this task check out our The Seas of Fate guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Find and speak to Sigurd.
  • Speak to Sigurd at the docks.
  • Board Sigurd’s longship.

Find and Speak to Sigurd

From the dock head to the Longhouse. Knock on the entrance doors and head inside when you are able. Inside walk over to the crowd gathered around Sigurd. When you enter the crowd you will trigger a cutscene where Sigurd will address you. During this cutscene Sigurd will talk about leaving the area to head to new lands. Sigurd suggests going to England. Before leaving you can decide what to do with the resources: take them or leave them for Styrbjorn.

Speak to Sigurd at the Docks

After the meeting head back to the docks and speak to Sigurd there. When you talk to him you will trigger a cutscene where you can decide to leave the area or not. Once you will either stay or push off for new lands. Since we are advancing the story I assume you selected to head out.

Board Sigurd’s Longship

Upon completion of the cutscene head over the Sigurd’s Longship and get onto it. Sit on the open sit to trigger yet another cutscene where you set sail. During the cutscene you will begin the journey across the seas to the new area of England.

Present Day

Before you reach England there is a cutscene of the present day (since Animus). Once this cutscene is completed you will take control of an NPC named Layla at a dig site. Examine the remains in the pit then head back to the cabin. Inside the cabin you will meet Shaun and Rebecca. After meeting both head over and interact with the Animus to head back the Viking Age and England. Keep in mind England is its own map in-game which means you need to use a specific fast travel method to get back to Norway.

Once you are back in the Viking Age you will be moments away from landing on the shores of England. As you near the shores you will complete The Seas of Fate quest. You will then trigger the next quest which is called The Swan-Road Home.

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