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The first main story mission you need to complete when you arrive in England is called The Swan-Road Home. This mission tasks you with finding a settlement for your crew of vikings. To help you complete this task we’ve put together a brief The Swan-Road Home guide. In it you will learn how to complete this story mission.

Quest Objectives

  • Release the naval chain.
  • Reach Halfdan’s settlement.
  • Take out the Saxon Bandits.
  • Explore the area (Enter the Longhouse).

Release the Naval Chain

Once you are back in the Viking Age you will sail along the sea until you land the boat. This takes a few minutes. Once the boat is landed you need to release the naval chain. These chains are blocking your pathway forward. To release the chains jump out of the boat and head into the nearby encampment. Stealth or fight your way to the stone building. Inside the building shoot the cogs on the chain wheel to release the chain. Get back on the boat to sail forward.

Reach Halfdan’s Settlement

Enjoy the peaceful ride on the water until you reach Ragnarsson’s Encampment. At this location you will dock the boat. This will trigger a cutscene where you and Sigurd will encounter some Saxon Bandits. These bandits don’t take kindly to you appearing. Take them out when the battle starts.

Explore the Area

Upon defeat of the Saxon Bandits you will need to explore the area. There are a number of salveable items in the different tents so look inside them. Once you are ready head up to the Longhouse on the hill to the north. Enter the Longhouse via the open door on the side and walk up to the two NPCs tied up inside. This will trigger a couple of cutscenes.

After the cutscenes you will have established the settlement in England. With the settlement active you are able to access a number of services including the stables which allows you to change your mounts. Once you are settled the mission will end and you will begin a new story mission called Settling Down.

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