Settling Down – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

Image showing the Blacksmith building.

Once you’ve claimed the settlement in England you will trigger a new story mission called Settling Down. This mission involves building new amenities in your settlement to aid in your survival. To complete this mission we’ve put together a short Settling Down guide. Consult it below for help.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Gunnar.
  • Raid and find resources to build Gunnar’s forge.
  • Return to your settlement and build Gunnar’s Forge.
  • Speak to Sigurd.
  • Explore Your Room.
  • Meet Sigurd at Rowan’s Stable.

Speak to Gunnar

To begin this quest leave the Longhouse and head back to the shore area where you first docked. Here you will find Gunnar sitting outside of his tent. Speak to Gunnar to learn about getting the forge up and running. To do this we need to acquire resources. To help you find resources Gunnar gives you some intel about a nearby monastery.

Raid and Find Resources to Build Gunnar’s Forge

The intel Gunnar gives you marks a couple of raids on your map. These locations are the crossed red axes. The nearest raid is the Alcestre Monastery is located just down the river. Sail to it and start the raid. Take out the enemies and loot the gold chests inside the buildings to complete the raid which gives both Supplies and Raw Materials.

Return to Gunnar and Build Forge

Once you’ve completed the raid you will have enough to build the forge for Gunnar. Head back to the settlement and speak to Gunnar. Approach the sign outside of his tent and interact with it. Build the Blacksmith with the materials we just gathered. This will create a blacksmith shop in your settlement that offers services for you to use.

Speak to Sigurd, Explore Room, Meet Sigurd at Stable

Once the Blacksmith is up and running head back to the Longhouse and speak with Sigurd. After the conversation with your brother you will need to visit your room which is where you spoke to Sigurd. Interact with the three items in your room then speak to Sigurd again at Rowan’s Stable. When you approach Sigurd outside the stables you will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene the quest will end. The next quest is called The Alliance Map.

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