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Once you’ve settled into your settlement you will receive a new mission called The Alliance Map. This mission tasks you with meeting Randvi in the Longhouse. Once there you will learn a bit about the alliance system and how it works. To help you complete this short mission consult our guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak to Randvi.

Speak to Randvi and Learn About The Alliance Map

Make your way up to the Longhouse and head inside it. In the room on the east end you will encounter Randvi. Speak to her to learn more about the alliance system. Using the Alliance Map you need to decide who to align with. Each alliance rewards you with a specific reward. Right now you only have two choices with so select whichever reward you want right now.

Once you’ve selected your first alliance you will have completed this story mission. The next story mission you need to complete is called The Sons of Ragnar.

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