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Upon raiding the Tamworth Fortress you will need to regroup with Sigurd. This regrouping starts off a new quest called Bartering. As the name of this mission suggests you will be attempting to barter clues off of Tonna. To help you complete this mission we’ve put together the short guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Regroup with Sigurd.
  • Walk with Sigurd.
  • Explore Tonna’s camp for clues.
  • Report back to Sigurd and the brothers.

Regroup with Sigurd and Walk with Him

Sigurd has left the Tamworth Fortress and is now located due east near Tonnastadir. Make your way to this location and speak to Sigurd who is standing with a couple of NPCs. When you talk to him you will need to follow him as he walks up the mountain into Tonnastadir. At the gates of this village you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Tonna will demand you pay her 520 silver. If you don’t have the money your only option is to refuse.

Explore Tonna’s Camp for Clues

Note: You can kill Tonna in her camp if you wish.

If you can’t pay Tonna will lock the camp down. This means you will need to stealth your way in. While there are a number of useful items in this location what we are looking for can be found inside Tonna’s House which is the building to the southeast of the Longhouse. Inside Tonna’s House there is a breakable piece of floor that leads to the basement. In the basement you will find a treasure chest with a letter inside it. Grab the letter and leave the area.

Report Back to Sigurd and the Brothers

Sigurd and the brothers can be found to the south of Tonna’s Camp at Lyftmere’s Pond. Make your way to this location and present the evidence to them. This will trigger a cutscene and the quest will end. At the end of the Bartering quest you will unlock two main story quests named Rumors of Ledecestre and The Walls of Templebrough.

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