Rumors of Ledecestre – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

Once you are done Bartering for the information needed you will be able to complete two new story quests. One of these story quests is called Rumors of Ledecestre. This quest takes you to Ledecestre, a small farming village where it is believed the King may be hiding. To complete this mission use our Rumors of Ledecestre guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Find and speak to Ivarr.
  • Explore Ledecestre for Clues of King Burgred’s Whereabouts.
  • Defend Ceolbert.
  • Kill Soldiers in the Market.

Find and Speak to Ivarr

Make your way to the village of Ledecestre which is located to the east of Ledecestrescire. When you reach the village you will want to look for Ivarr on top of the tallest watchtower on the west side of the village next to the river. When you climb this tower and reach the top you will trigger a cutscene with Ivarr.

Explore Ledecestre for Clues of King Burgred’s Whereabouts

Image showing Ivarr in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Once you’ve spoken with Ivarr you will need to enter Ledecestre to look for clues of King Burgred’s whereabouts. There are two locations you should look for the clues:

  • Church: Clue is located in the church basement which is accessible by destroying the wood above the barred door.
  • Old Bathhouse: Ceolbert npc in locked room. Kill nearby guard to get key. Speak to Ceolbert to trigger a cutscene.

Once you talk to Ceolbert he will head outside. Protect Ceolbert and defeat the soldiers inside the marketplace. Once this is done speak to him again to trigger a cutscene with Ivarr. This cutscene will end the mission. If you’ve completed the other quest in this duo you will unlock the Tilting the Balance mission.

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