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Once you’ve gathered evidence from both the Rumors of Ledecestre and The Walls of Templebrough you will trigger a new mission called Tilting the Balance. This story mission tasks you with regrouping in Tamworth where

Quest Objectives

  • Regroup in Tamworth.
  • Confront Lady Aethelswith.
  • Defeat King Burgred.
  • Take King Burgred to Tamworth.

Regroup in Tamworth

Make your way back to Tamworth Fortress and meet with Ubba and Sigurd there. Once you’ve met with both of these NPCs you will need to enter the building behind them where Lady Aethelswith is being held.

Confront Lady Aethelswith

When you enter the building in the pig pen you will trigger a cutscene where Eivor speaks to Lady Aethelswith. Lady Aethelswith will choose to not speak to you regarding the location of her husband. During this sequence Ivarr will appear to ‘feed’ the pigs. This will sway Aethelswith who will reveal the location of her husband.

Find and Explore King Burgred’s Hideout

Once you learn of King Burgred’s Hideout you can make your way there. In the hideout you need to access the crypt underneath. This can be done by going going into the church building in the middle of the Offchurch area.

Make your through the crypt until you reach a locked door. Get the key of the guard out front then open the door. Inside this room you will need to fight the king. Defeat the king, tie him up, then take him to the brothers.

When you meet up with the brothers they will be under attack. Ride past them and make the long ride back to Tamworth Fortress. As you are riding back enemies will appear on the road that will try to attack you. Upon arrival there will be a cutscene. After this cutscene the quest will be complete and a new missions will start called Heavy is the Head.

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