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Once you are finished Bartering for the information needed you will be able to complete two new story quests. One of these story quests is called The Walls of Templebrough. This quest takes you to Templebrough, the home of the ruins of a Roman where it is believed the King may be hiding. To complete this mission use our The Walls of Templebrough guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Speak with Sigurd.
  • Find and confront Lady Aethelswith.
  • Capture Aethelswith and bring her to camp.

Speak with Sigurd

Make your way by boat or Land to Templebrough which is located along the boarders of Northumbria. When you reach this location look for Sigurd in a camp along the river. Speak to Sigurd to complete the first quest objective for this story mission.

Find and Confront Lady Aethelswith

Upon conversing with Sigurd, discover that Lady Aethelswith is held at Templebrough. Accompany Sigurd to the eastern fortress where you’ll locate her in the barracks on the ground floor. An ensuing cutscene will reveal that the Lady Aethelswith you encounter is a decoy.

Capture Aethelswith and Bring Her to Camp

Leave Templebrough Fortress and chase after Lady Aethelswith along the river. Once you chase her for a little bit they will beach their boat next to a camp of soldiers. Defeat these guards then tie up Aethelswith. Take Aethelswith and bring her back to your camp.

Once you deliver Aethelswith to your camp you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Lady Aethelswith will remain tight lipped about the whereabouts of her husband. The end of this cutscene will complete the quest. You will receive XP for your efforts. After the mission is over you can free or kill the prisoners in your camp.

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