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After you successfully secure the king in Tamworth Ivarr will ask you to speak to him. This will kick off a new story mission called Heavy is the Head. This mission sees the shift of power from King Burgred to Ceolwulf. This power transition is ugly and involves the invasion of Repton which you will deal with later. To help you complete this quest use our Heavy is the Head guide below.

Quest Objectives

  • Walk with Ivarr.
  • Reach the Longhouse.
  • Travel to Repton.
  • Search for Ceolbert on the Isle of Waifs.
  • Bring Colebert back to the brothers.

Walk with Ivarr

From the pig pen follow Ivarr as he makes his way through Tamworth to a sort of pub area on the side of the cliff. When you reach this area you will trigger a cutscene where Ivarr will speak to you. After this cutscene is over you and Ivarr will going on a bender that results in you waking up outside the walls of Tamworth.

Reach the Longhouse

In your surprisingly recovered state make the walk back to Tamworth. Head all the way up to the Longhouse. Inside the Longhouse you will trigger another cutscene. This cuscene shows King Burgred appearing before Ceolwulf. Ceolwulf wants the King to surrender his crown. Long story short he agrees.

Travel to Repton

After the cutscene is complete you will need to travel to Repton. Repton is now under attack and Ceolwulf wants you to find and protect his son. Fight your way to the building you met Ivarr in to reach Sigurd. He says Ceolwulf’s son went to the Isle of Waifs. This isle is located north Repton

Search for Ceolbert on the Isle of Waifs

Head to the north side of the Isle of Waifs to find Ceolbert and Leofrith. Eivor will step inbetween the two triggering a boss fight against Leofrith. This boss fight is like the previous fights you’ve experienced up to this point. When you manage to defeat Leofrith you will have the opportunity to spare or kill him. If you spare him Leofrith will tell you a scroll exists with your name on it. He recommends burning it.

After the fight is completed take Coelbert back to the brothers in Repton. Doing this will trigger a cutscene that ends the quest. Once this quest is complete you will need to complete activities like side missions until Sigurd sends for you. Two missions called Hunted and Reporting on Ledecestrescire will turn active.

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