The Last of Us 2: The Birthday Gift Collectibles Guide

Once you complete The Theatre mission in The Last of Us Part II you will go back in time to three years ago. During this flashback Ellie and Joel will travel through through the Wyoming Museum. As you progress through this mission you can grab a few collectibles along the way. To help you get them all here’s our The Last of Us Part 2 The Birthday Gift Collectibles Guide.

The Birthday Gift Collectibles List (5 Total)

  • Artifacts: 1.
  • Trading Cards: 2.
  • Journal Entries: 2

Journal Entry #1 Location

Image showing the Journal Entry #1 location.

Complete the swimming sequence to reach the Tyrannosaurs. Interact with the sign at the base of the statue to get the Journal Entry – Entrance (1/2).

The Nighthawk Trading Card Location

Image showing The Nighthawk Trading Card Location.

Note: There is a hidden trophy you can get in the entry and Giants of the Past exhibit that involves Joel wearing a hat.

Enter the museum and walk forward until you reach the Giants of the Past exhibit. In this exhibit walk past the Triceratops skeleton and you will see a bench. On this bench is The Nighthawk Trading Card (1/2).

Journal Entry #2 Location

Image showing the Journal Entry #2 Location.

Go up the spiral staircase and leave The Giants of the Past exhibit so you can enter the A Walk Through the Stars space exhibit. Inside this exhibit you can interact with a number of things, but what we want to do is interact with the space capsule sitting in the room alone. To get the journal entry head over to the circular benches for Journal Entry #2 (2/2).

The Saura Trading Card Location

Image showing The Saura Trading Card Location.

Head out of the space exhibit by going out the green double doors. Jump off the ledge into the water below and swim across to the Natural History Center. Try the door then have Joel boost you up to the window above. Walk to the first exhibit that has a Moose being attacked by wolves and hang a right. Grab The Saura Trading Card (2/2) from under the bench here.

We Wanted to End Suffering Location

Image showing where to find the We Wanted to End Suffering Location.

Pass through the bird exhibit so you end up in the Biomes of North America exhibit. Walk forward towards the cactus and take a right. Go through the collapsed doorway and grab the We Wanted to End Suffering note (1/1) next to the corpse here.

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