The Last Faith Helenya Quest Guide

Lady Helenya in The Last Faith.

In The Last Faith, players can encounter various non-playable characters (NPCs) as they traverse the game world. These NPCs play a crucial role in assisting players on their journey and may, in turn, seek assistance from the player. Lady Helenya is one such NPC who will reach out for your help. For guidance on completing the Helenya quest in The Last Faith, refer to our comprehensive guide below.

Speak to Helenya at Oxnevylle’s Manor

Helenya, a key character in The Last Faith’s main storyline, is encountered outside Oxnevylle’s Manor, seated on a coach. Meeting her is integral to the main plot, as she provides players with a leveling service in the game.

Furthermore, Helenya will entrust the player with a special request. Somewhere in the game world, there exists an item known as the Blessed Teacup. Helenya tasks you with locating and retrieving this item, emphasizing its importance to her quest.

Locate the Blessed Teacup

Blessed Teacup map location in The Last Faith.
Go to this room in The Esk Mansion to find the Blessed Teacup.

The Blessed Teacup is located in The Esk Mansion. In this location you use mirrors to visit different sections of the mansion. Use the mirror to reach the right section and make your way to the room shown on the map above. In this room you will find the Blessed Teacup resting on the floor.

Give the Blessed Teacup to Helenya

The Last Faith The Restricted Key item.
Your reward for helping Helenya is the Restricted Key.

Once you’ve found and collected the Blessed Teacup, return to Helenya at Oxnevylle’s Manor. Speak to her and select the ‘Hand over the Blessed Teacup’ option. Helenya will thank you for finding this item and freeing her. By helping her you unlock The Blessed Teacup Achievement and receive The Restricted Key, which let’s you explore the top floor of the manor.

This is just one of multiple NPC quests players can complete in The Last Faith. Check out our other guides for help in completing these quests including solving the Drowned Crypt statues puzzle.

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